Band of Brothers Main Menu

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Here's another cool main menu mod for today, this time by our good friend Geary. :) It's themed to the acclaimed HBO mini-series Band of Brothers and includes not only the main menu background but also the BoB theme music and a loading screen as well. It's a nice addition to anyone's Band of Brothers collection, and it goes perfectly with the game, so check out the screenshot below, and download it today! :D



Call of Duty 2

Band of brothers Main menu

Author : Geary[3rd ID]

Filenames : z_bob_mainmenu.iwd
email: [email protected]

Descrption : Here is a menu mod which replaces the main menu 
picture and sound. 
Unzip  THE IWD FILE to your \Activision\Call of Duty 2\main folder
unzip the cod.bmp to your \Activision\Call of Duty 2 folder
Delete the file from your "main" folder.

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