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Here we have an awesome multi-player mod for Call of Duty 2 that adds a handful of various taunts from single-player to the quickmessage (VS...


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Here we have an awesome multi-player mod for Call of Duty 2 that adds a handful of various taunts from single-player to the quickmessage (VSay) menu. It's got a full unique set for each team, and some would be hilarious to actually use after a kill, for example, so download it now, and give it a try! Servers, if you use this mod, make sure your clients also have a copy. ;)

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Features
3. Installation
4. Contact
5. Credits

1. Introduction

This is the second version of my taunts mod. The first version (1.0) was for UO and was an add-on to BJustReal 1.x. This mod can still be considered as an add-on to BJustReal, however, it will also work perfectly alone. It might not be compatible with other mods, but check the "Installation" part of this readme for that.

With this mod you are able to perform nine (9) taunts from the voice commands menu, it also adds more voices to some of the already existing radio commands. This mod is server and client side, but even if you do not have the mod, you can still play on a server running it. This mod is fully compatible with BJustReal.

2. Features

Added more voices for some radio commands, these are:

- Follow me!
- Move in!
- Fall back!
- Suppressing fire!
- Attack left flank! (Except for British and American)
- Attack right flank!

- Enemy down!

- Yes sir!
- No sir!

Being able to taunt on a server which has the taunt mod as well. The taunts are listed below:


1. Hey fritzy, Hitler's a jackass punk!
2. What's the matter, not used to the enemy shooting back?
3. Hey fritz, kiss my ass, you dirty kraut bastard!
4. Got one!/Got him!
5. You can heil Hitler in hell!
6. That's one less kraut to worry about!
7. Hey fritz, Hitler plays with dolls!
8. Hey fritz, your sister said to say hi!
9. You're going home in a coffin fritz!


1. See you in hell or Berlin, whichever I get to first!
2. Come ahead, you jerry cowards, square go, come on!"
3. Die, you jerry rotter!
4. Got one!/Got him!
5. Got that bloody wanker!
6. That's one less jerry to worry about!
7. You'll be pushing up daisies before this war's over!
8. Lucky bastard!
9. And come back anytime, you jerry bastards, we'll be waiting for ya!


1. You poor fascist bastards came all the way here just to die!
2. How does it feel to die on the Russian front?
3. Die, you fascist bastard!
4. Got one!/Got him!
5. This one's for my mother/valentina/father/little sister/dog!
6. That's one less fascist to worry about!
7. Run, you dirty German bastards!
8. For mother Russia!
9. *Yells for his motherland*


1. What is wrong, did you wet your pants?!
2. Die, that makes it easier for both of us!
3. Die!
4. Got one!
5. Give up, we both know that you don't stand a chance!
6. In the end, you will be beaten anyway!
7. (Allied Specific)
8. (Allied Specific)
9. You fight like a bunch of girls!

3. Installation

Before moving on to the installation instructions, I have to state here that the mod is NOT compatible with other sound mods. Also, the mod IS compatible with lots of other mods, like skins etc., but this mod is NOT compatible with mods that have the following files in the iwd file:


NOTE: The taunt mod might not work with BJustReal 2.0 (it will work with future versions). If that is the case, just open zzz_svr_BJustReal.iwd and delete the following files:


On to the installation instructions:

- Just extract the file to your call of Duty 2\main folder.

4. Contact

If there are any questions, issues, bugs to report or whatsoever, mail me at:

  [email protected]

5. Credits

Bjuster's Taunts 2.0

Made by:


Thanks to:

The official Call of Duty 2 sound team
- The Call of Duty 2 Single-player sounds

- Helping with some of the British taunts

Several members of -={AA}=-
- Suggestions for taunts to use

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