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WARNING: The following mod contains extreme amounts of blood and gore and is not recommended for players under 18 years of age.[/b...


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WARNING: The following mod contains extreme amounts of blood and gore and is not recommended for players under 18 years of age.

Ifafudafi has come out with a pretty interesting mod that uses some of the gore from merciless and mixed it with some things of his own. He has edited the melee attacks to make them less powerful and has also edited the gun sway which makes the movement look a lot more realistic. There is also the gore from the merciless mod which has heads and body pieces flying everywhere. So if you want a new and more "realistic" feeling to the game, this is the mod for you.


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Bloodlust-Ifafudafi Call of Duty 2 Single-Player Mod Beta 4
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Official Readme-type-thing

-Legal junk
-Contact info

OFFICIAL DISCLAIMER:  This mod has what some would consider mature material, (blowing people's heads off and watching a bunch of blood and guts come out) and neither Bloodlust, Mr. Ifafudafi, or any member of can be held responsible for any mental or physical alterations, damages, or other negative effects that come as a result of the downloading, using, or witnessing of the content in this this mod.


BIG NOTE: Bloodlust has handed down production of the mod to me, as he is incredibly busy with his life right now.  So, from now on, the mod will be called the Ifafudafi Single-Player mod, but don't forget that none of this would be possible without his hard work.

New in beta 5:

-Weapon sway a bunch more
-Damage tables updated
-Melee damage drastically decreased, as I'm pretty sure you can't kill someone in two whacks... >_>
-On many missions, you'll randomly spawn with either a pistol or a submachine gun, instead of always one of those
-Grenade cooking
-Brain effects fixed so that they actually show up now

From beta 4: 

-Location-based blood pooling fine-tuned 
-Body explosions and head pops tweaked to be more realistic

From beta 3:

-Shotgun issues fixed, still need to aim for the most part though
-Full body explosion when killed by explosive weapons
-"Bloody Barf" fx when shot in the chest
-All Allies can spawn with their normal weapon or a Greasegun or Shotgun

From beta 2:

-Blood fx tweaked to be more intense
-Fixed some coding issues
-Added in a Single Player Shotgun
-New sniper scopes (Americans and British share one, Germans and Russians share the other.)

From beta 1:

-Head popping
-Blood splatters,
-Blood squirting from decapped heads.
Thanks to Team Merciless from for these.

Hopeful updates in beta 6:

-Damaged body and decap models
-Dead body shooting

NOTE: The Assault on Duhoc mission and Crossing the Rhine mission are royally screwed.  Don't play these until we can get 'em fixed.


Alright, this has changed a slight bit to help y'all not die from Multiplayer.
Stick the IfafudafiCoD2 *folder* inside your Call of Duty 2 directory.  Not your Call of Duty 2/main directory, just your Call of Duty 2 one.  Then, put the shortcut included on your desktop.  Modify the Target box as needed.

The end!

Legal junk!

Just don't run off and claim this mod as yours.  All the gore decals, images, and models are made/taken by Team Merciless from, and most of the scripts in the FX folder are also made by them as well.

Contact info!

Simply contact me at phazonflakesAThotmailDOTcom.  Of course, make sure to replace the AT and DOT with the proper symbols. Or, head to and sign up for the forums to discuss the mod there.


Thanks to Team Merciless from for inspiration and the material to build upon it, CoDFiles for secondary hosting, all the members at for their support, and thanks to you for checking out the mod.

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