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WARNING: The following mod contains extreme amounts of blood and gore and is not recommended for players under 18 years of age.

Here's the latest and presumably the last release of Mr. Ifafudafi's CoD2 single-player blood mod, Bloodlust. I admit, I haven't been keeping up with what the mod has to offer, but that's why they have "what's new" sections in the ReadMe files. ;) See the screenshots below, and check out that ReadMe for details on what this final version update entails.




Bloodlust Call of Duty 2 Single-Player Mod (Final v1.0.0)
Copyright © Mr. Ifafudafi (Currently site-less... D:)
Official Readme-type-thing

-Ifafudafi's Notes
-Legal junk
-Contact info

OFFICIAL DISCLAIMER:  This mod has what some would consider mature material (blowing people's heads off and watching a bunch of blood and guts come out,) and neither Mr. Ifafudafi or any related persons thereof can be held responsible for any mental or physical alterations, damages, or other negative (or even positive) effects that come as a result of the downloading, using, distributing, or witnessing of the content in this this mod.

Ifafudafi's Notes!

No, your eyes do not decieve you.  I've been pouring my blood, sweat, tears, and, of course, even more blood into making as many breakthroughs, improvements, and general knicknacks that I could tolerate, and the result is the first (as I consider it) full-blown release of Bloodlust CoD2SP. However, "Final" doesn't mean this will be the last version I'm releasing, so expect several patches in the future for sudden additions, bug fixes, and the likes; but I've run through the entire campaign and there's nothing worth noting that prevents me from deciding to set this landmark.

While I'm at it, I'd like to give a major thanks to all who supported me during this time.  Bloodlust has been almost a year in the making, and all of you have provided your opinions, compliments, criticisms, bug reports, and just about everything I could've asked for.  As I said in the last release, most of the reason I'm still doing this is for the fans.  All the modding has made me used to a bunch of blood, so there's not that much appeal left on my end.  But the reception is all I need to keep going.

It's been a great time, and I hope that I'll get a new site back up soon.  Keep those comments coming, as I want to squash every single bug in this thing, and any suggestions are always welcome.

~Mr. Ifafudafi

(Just for kicks, I recently installed beta 5 to see how far Bloodlust has come, and the amount of ground I've covered in between is simply astronomical.  It was like playing an entirely different mod.)


New in Final v1.0.0:

-Loadout scripts rewritten; virtually bug free. If you select two of the same weapon, you'll only get one of that weapon and an empty slot. No dual wielding. >_>
-Body explosion smoke redone; it looks much nicer now.
-A few more splats and pools added.
-Barf is now a dynamic pool instead of just a static decal.
-Sten is no longer useless.  Total ammo limit is around 260-something, bullets slightly more powerful (although still weaker then the Thompson; it's got a 32 round clip, so we don't want to be mowing down everybody.)
-Pistols are also improved. Total ammo limit reaches 120-something for most pistols; 90 for the Webley.  They're less powerful than a semi-automatic rifle, but more than an SMG.
-Heavy SMGs (BAR, Bren) have their total ammo limit decreased a bit, so that you can't dominate the level with only that weapon.
-Recoil for many weapons increased.
-Nearly every bit of significant new code commented for your convenience.
-Several minor blood tweaks and new effects.
-Countless bug fixes. If I were to list them all, this section would be about as big as the last three update lists combined.

From beta 8:

-Here's the biggie: A gore menu.  You'll be able to:
 1. Tweak blood amount
 2. Enable/disable decapitation
 3. Enable/disable body explosions
 4. Enable/disable the new (yet non-intrusive! :D) low health overlay
 5. Enable/disable barf effects (yes, I've got 'em back in.)
-But wait, there's more!  We've got a weapon menu too! You can choose between any gun from your nation, or a random weapon... For both weapon slots!  Thanks to this, we've now got our Sten back, as well as a Grease Gun for the Americans.  Wonderful, no?
-Body explosions now chunky chunky, with trails that go WEEEEEEeeeee.... (horrible grammar intended)
-Barfing effects re-added (kind of given.)
-Barf now has sound
-New (optional) low damage overlay (also given. >_>)
-You'll see more Russians with PPS42s, Americans with Grease Guns, and British with Stens
-30-round Thomposn no longer named Thompson MKII. Instead, it'll have that little triple bullet symbol that used to be on the PPS42 name
-General weapon tweaks
-General blood tweaks
-More comments added for interested people

From beta 7:

-Decapitated models!  When you blow someone's head off, there won't be an empty hole in space anymore.  You'll actually see the remnants of their neck.  A huge, and I mean HUGE thanks to WCP for letting me use his decapitated models; Merciless' didn't work right
-Some more weapon tweaks
-Fixed distortion effect
-Decapitating/exploding scripts changed to be damage based.  We don't want a Colt blowing someone's head off
-Some more blood effects, including a squirt or two for powerful attacks, and a good bit of chunks for body explosions
-Yet more general glitch fixes
-Some more blood tweaks and modifications
-Some comments added in the script files for those of you who like messing around with that kind of stuff

From beta 6 updates & fixes:

-BIG FAT NOTICE: I've moved the mod to http://ifafudaficod2.freephpnuke.org, so make sure you go there instead.
-Small normal-weighted notice: Many of y'all have asked about the lack of a Shotgun, Grease Gun, or Sten.  I've taken these out due to conflicts with the mod or just general glitches, so you probably won't see them for a while.
-Obligatory blood tweaks
-Replaced old blood decals with the ones from Dark Messiah of Might & Magic (definitely a huge improvement)
-Added a distortion effect to the muzzle flash of rifles (only shows in DX9, though)
-General glitch fixes
-General weapon tweaks

From beta 6:

-In-game deactivation.  If you turn blood off in the Options menu, you won't see any more blood until you turn it back on.  Handy for nosy parents
-Weapons tweaked slightly, most notably a decreased BAR/Bren zoom, and less sway and time to recenter sights
-Blood effects tweaked; barf is more visible, more animations actually play, body explosions actually create blood splatters, among many, many other tweaks
-Grenades do a small amount of damage if thrown on somebody
-Weapon tweaks and blood effects seperated into two different IWDs
-Various glitches fixed

From beta 5:

-PRECACHING! This fixes Du Hoc Assault and other levels in which some effects wouldn't play or would screw up
-Weapon sway a bunch more
-Damage tables updated
-Melee damage drastically decreased, as I'm pretty sure you can't kill someone in two whacks... >_>
-On many missions, you'll randomly spawn with either a pistol or a submachine gun, instead of always one of those
-Grenade cooking
-Brain effects fixed so that they actually show up now

From beta 4: 

-Location-based blood pooling fine-tuned 
-Body explosions and head pops tweaked to be more realistic

From beta 3:

-Shotgun issues fixed, still need to aim for the most part though
-Full body explosion when killed by explosive weapons
-"Bloody Barf" fx when shot in the chest

From beta 2:

-Blood fx tweaked to be more intense
-Fixed some coding issues

From beta 1:

-Head popping
-Blood splatters,
-Blood squirting from decapped heads.
Thanks to Team Merciless from http://www.mercilessmod.com for these.

Hopeful updates for future releases:

-Dead body shooting. I've got a system that works, but it prevents some enemies from spawning, so I'm working on that.
-Damaged models. This doesn't look possible though, thanks to a mysterious absence of necessary files in the stock IWDs.
-Getting that new overlay to not provide a "too many unique materials" error. No idea what's causing this one; if any of you code junkies could peruse through the scripts and find out, that would be greatly appreciated.


Just stick the IWDs inside your Call of Duty 2/main directory.  Don't worry, it won't interfere with multiplayer. I've tried it out.
You may need to set the blood and weapon loadout options a few times before they register. Don't ask me why.

To remove, put the IWDs somewhere else.

Legal junk!

I've been having some issues with usage of the mod's content, so I'll make it a bit clearer.
If you want to use/redistribute anything in this mod that's not owned by Merciless or anyone else, ask me for permission first.
If you want to use/redistribute anything in this mod that is owned by Merciless or anyone else, ask them.
All gore models except the decapitated model and a few images are made/taken by Team Merciless from www.mercilessmod.com, and most of the scripts in the FX folder are created by them as well.  Decals are taken from Dark Messiah of Might and Magic (© Ubisoft & Arkane Studios)
Decapitated model is provided by Wiccop, so ask him to use it if you like it.

Contact info!

Simply contact me at phazonflakesAThotmailDOTcom.  Of course, make sure to replace the AT and DOT with the proper symbols.


A big, fat, whoppin' thanks to WCP for letting me use his decap model.

A very special thanks to Bloodlust of http://www.bloodlustmods.com for kicking off the mod and giving me a start on what it is today.

Thanks to Team Merciless from http://www.mercilessmod.com for inspiration and the material to build upon it, CoDFiles for hosting, all the fans of the mod for their support, and thanks to you for checking out the mod.

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