Here's a confusing collection of four maps under the name "Boneyard" from an author known as ‡Ü߇_Dragon-A. I say confusing because it's ha...


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Here's a confusing collection of four maps under the name "Boneyard" from an author known as ‡Ü߇_Dragon-A. I say confusing because it's hard to discern the maps from one another at a quick glance, which is how I'm currently restricted in evaluating these files and writing good descriptions for the moment. Here's how I understand it: There's an arena-style version of the map, and a more open-ended version. Each of these versions is available in both snipers-only TDM and regular multiple-gametype formats (DM, TDM, SD, and CTF). That makes four! ;) Check out the screenshots below to see how the actual map looks, and if you're interested, give the whole pack a download today!


EDIT: I added four screenshots that give you a look at each of the four maps included, in this order: Screenshot 5: mp_boneyard1 (Arena) Screenshot 6: mp_boneyard2 (Valley) Screenshot 7: mp_boneyard3 (Arena, No-Cross Snipers Only) Screenshot 8: mp_boneyard4 (Valley, No-Cross Snipers Only)

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Download '' (7.26MB)

4 maps in this iwd file

mp_boneyard1	arena type game 			sd dm tdm ctf
mp_boneyard2	outdoor map				sd dm tdm ctf
mp_boneyard3	arena type game snipers only		dm tdm
mp_boneyard4	outdoor map snipers only		dm tdm

Test beta map by ‡Ü߇_Dragon, please visit our site at and/or

Basic "junk yard" type theme supporting TDM, DM, CTF and S&D

My first of many maps to come.

I started with boneyard1 as an arena type map but was unhappy with the warehouse look.
I did some research at and and was able to figure out
how to make "world suroundings" and was alot happier with it. Capt.Com suggested a no-cross
sniper version and made 3 and 4.

I would like to invite all cod2 players to atleast give map making a try.
There are tons of sites like and with 
great forums to get you started. this map took me about a total of 3-4 hours 
to make and it's alot easier than it first looks. I have about a total of 8-9 hours
after fixing a few probs and learning as I went along.

Special thanks to Capt.Com at for the great site he has and
for dedicating his time to the COD-COD2 community for hosting all the custom maps
we play.

Special thanks also to the custom map makers out there. Your job is tough!

Game on!


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