This is the final version of the map Borisovka. I haven't tried the map myself yet, but from the looks of it, it looks great. It's mainly...


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This is the final version of the map Borisovka. I haven't tried the map myself yet, but from the looks of it, it looks great. It's mainly intended for Search & Destroy, but it has support for (Team) Deathmatch, Headquarters and Capture the Flag as well. It's recommended for 8 - 20 players, but supports up to 32.

Take a look at the screenshots, download the map and give it a shot. ;)


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Borisovka, Russia
January 1944

A Call of Duty 2 multiplayer map made by Siffer.

Map information

Title:                 Borisovka
Filename:              mp_borisovka.iwd
BSP name:              mp_borisovka
Version:               1.0
Release date:          June 6th 2006
Author:                Siffer
E-mail:                siffer [at] iwnation [dot] com


IMPORTANT: Please remove any previous versions of this map before installing this one!

The map is a medium sized map in the town of Borisovka, Russia. There are quite many accessable buildings to explore in the town, most of them with several floors. 

The Allied team must plant the bomb at Bomb zone A (Flakvierling gun) or Bomb zone B (fuel depot) in order to accomplish the mission.


- Search and Destory objectives moved.
- Headquarters radios moved.
- Spawns slightly modified.
- Some improved clipping to prevent jumps and exploits.
- All windows are now open.
- A few mantle areas added.
- Improved interior detail.
- A few new accessable areas added.
- Some minor visual bugs fixed.
- Weather effects slightly modified.


Extract mp_borisovka.iwd into your Call of Duty 2\main folder. 

To play the map, start Call of Duty 2 multiplayer and choose "Borisovka, Russia" from the server map list or type /map mp_borisovka in the console.


Build time:            A few weeks for this conversion to Call of Duty 2
Compile time:          About 2 hours
Editor(s) used:        CoD2 Radiant
Known bugs:            None, but please e-mail me as soon as possible if you find any! :)

Play information

Game:                  Call of Duty 2 Multiplayer
Supported gametypes:   DM, Team DM, HQ, S&D, CTF
Players:               Recommended for about 8 - 20 players, but the map supports up to 32 players in team games.

Special thanks

I would like to thank everyone who have helped me with beta testing, feedback, suggestions and bug reporting!


You may distribute this ZIP or IWD in any not-for-profit electronic format (BBS, Internet, CD, etc.) as long as you contact me first, and include all files, including this readme, intact in the original archive. You may not decompile and/or modify this map or the files that belong to it in any way.

This map is made by Siffer. Copyright (c) 2006 Siffer.

Have fun and thank you for playing this map! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at siffer [at] iwnation [dot] com or visit my forum at Thanks!

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