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And in the wake of Breda's MP Map Pack comes his CTF Map Pack. This one combines six of the best custom Capt...


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And in the wake of Breda's MP Map Pack comes his CTF Map Pack. This one combines six of the best custom Capture the Flag maps for Call of Duty 2 into one convenient .iwd file for CTF custom map servers to install. The file size is rather large, but that's just dust in the wind when you consider what you're getting inside of it. ;) Read the list below to see exactly what maps are included, check out the screenshots (one of each) below, and download this great new pack today!

  • Silo Town
  • Trainyard
  • Rhine
  • Das Schlumpfdorf
  • Bergstein
  • New Villers Center

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Download '' (113.43MB)

         This is a collection of mind blowing creations
      created by some of the best mappers in the community.
   All I did was bring these beautiful creations togther into 
           one single, easy to instal and use .zip file. 
   Intergrate this file into you server today and it will be 
             sure to persuade players to come back 
   to these maps and wide range of gametypes again and again.

                 What this file consists of:
          Silo Town supports DM/TDM/CTF gametypes
          Trainyard supports DM/TDM/CTF gametypes

            Rhine supports DM/TDM/CTF gametypes

      Das Schlumpfdorf supports DM/TDM/CTF/S&D gametypes
         Bergstein supports DM/TDM/CTF/HQ gametypes

      New Villers Center supports DM/TDM/CTF gametypes


                        How to instal:

             Because Call of Duty 2 can only handle 

                 six (6) custom maps at a time

          Remove all custom maps from your main folder 
                  including SP to MP maps then


                     to preferred directory.
    Copy and Paste or drag [OSOK]Breda_Capture_The_Flag.iwd 

              into your call of Duty 2 Main Folder.
        This Map Pack is server side only so I recommend 
                   having your clients go to 
 link where you 

               downloaded the file and have them 

            manually place it into their main folder 
              other wise it will take them approx. 
     forty (45) mintues to download directly from your server
          and only about nine (9) mintues from the site.


         To all the mappers that are credited in their 
                    respective readme.txt

          You can use this file at your heart's desire 

                 except for the act of selling.

                        Email me at: 
                   [email protected]
              with any questions and/or concerns.


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