Brunville, France

Here's the second release of Stan Noordman's brilliant production of Brunville, France for Call of Duty 2. This has been one of my favori...


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Here's the second release of Stan Noordman's brilliant production of Brunville, France for Call of Duty 2. This has been one of my favorite custom maps ever since it debuted on this site just under a month ago, and now there's more to love! The only reason I have to give this a "9" in quality, though, is for that strange terrain/texture thing going on in the third screenshot as the grass meets the street; sadly, that still remains in this new version. :( Still, there are a handful of important new changes and fixes to be experienced here, the main one being added compatibility with Capture the Flag, so make sure you read the full list of new things below, check out the screenshots, and download this incredible map today! ;)

  • Added compatibility with Capture the Flag
  • Fixed stairs
  • Changed map name from "mp_assault" to "mp_brunville"
  • Adjusted the loadscreen
  • Changed minor details


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Download '' (17.51MB)


Map Title                : Brunville, France (mp_brunville)
Map Version              : 1.1
Author                   : Stan "Dragon" Noordman
E-mail                   :
Website                  : N/A


Game                     : CoD2

Supported Gametype       : Multiplayer
                         : Deathmatch
                         : Team Deathmatch
                         : Headquarters
                         : Search and Destroy

Map Size                 : 20-up : Very Large


Contents of this Package :

     maps/mp/mp_assault.csv (ambient load)
     maps/mp/mp_assault.bsp (actual map)
     maps/mp/mp_assault.gsc (script)
     maps/mp/mp_assault_fx.gsc (fx script)
     images/loadscreen_mp_assault.iwi (loadscreen)
     materials/loadscreen_mp_assault (loadscreen load)
     mp/mp_assault.arena (gametype available maker)
     soundaliases/mp_assault.csv (sound)
     mp_assault_readme.txt (readme)


Installation Instructions:

     Put it in your "Activision/Call of Duty 2/main" folder to
     play it. If it says 'iwd sum/name error', remove any
     mods/maps (except this one!) from your "Activision/Call of
     Duty 2/main" folder and try again. This is a known issue for all custom maps.


Construction Time        : Started 25 april through 20 june.
Custom Content           : Loadscreen
Known Bugs               : Low fps at specific points where there are many bushes. Sorry.


Credit to Other Authors  :

     Stan "Dragon" Noordman - Mapper
     Invision Ward          - Developer Group


Special Thanks           : for just being great.

	AmishThunder -


Additional Notes         :

     Play this map with a wad of players! Don't look for any
     secret locations, you won't find any!
     This map has been designed to be a hellhole for snipers yet a heaven for riflers.

     If you find any bugs, glitches or errors, please mail me about it.
     Feedback is very welcome, do mail me. :)

     Want this map to work for whatever mod? Mail me about it!

     Check out and play!


Changes since 1.1	:
Working CTF.
Stairs fixed.
Technical map name (mp_assault) changed to mp_brunville for two reasons:
It confused people.
You can easily see if a map is using the wrong version, the wrong one being mp_assault.
Loadscreen adjusted.
Very minor changes.

	- |ezpz|Dragon

Thank you.

Legal agreement: I'm stating that you may not redistribute my file on CD, DVD etc, resold, modified or "plugged" into a (total) mod or map pack without notifying me!

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