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Click here for the CoD2: WaW Map Pack 1. Click here for the CoD2: WaW Map Pack 2.

The name might be incredibly confusing at first glance, but in fact this is a mod which aims at bringing some of the CoD5 gameplay experience to CoD2 multi-player. Probably the biggest attraction of this mod is the complex bot system with bots of varying difficulties and playing styles, as well as more realistic movements and aiming patterns. In addition to the new bots, the mod features high-def skins and sounds for all weapons and characters, as well as a slew of other non-trivial goodies. Check out the full list in the ReadMe section below, and play this awesome new CoD2 mod today!


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We don't want this to be COD5, we want this to be the best COD2 it can be, so we won't be removing content just because it is not in COD5, we will always add and improve content only.

--========CURRENT FEATURES========--
* New 0.8 Beta Features (these features are done):
- Remade bots difficulty and skill settings, now there are 6: Novice, Easy, Medium (default), Hard, Veteran and Extreme. (you can REALLY tell the difference between them now)
- Bots have personalities now. (bots are no longer clones of each other, they have different stats and play styles. (now two bots with the same weapon can be one on top of the score and the other on the bottom because of this!)
- Remade Accuracy algorithm calculation for the ai. (now bots don't aim to the head so much and have a realistic spread like when firing from the hip. (except on extreme mode where they still do alot of headshots!)
- Full Team Deathmatch Game Mode Support.
- New High Definition more Realistic Sound effects for all the weapons.
- New High Definition Skins for all the weapons.
- New High Definition Skins for the Characters. (not necessarily more realistic)
- New Mortar Effects and Sounds for every map.
- New blood, smoke, explosions and tracer effects.
- New Bot Taunts, pain and death sounds.
- New Ranking System with Upgrades.
- Weapons have been tweaked so that human players don't have an unfair advantage
over the bots and also be more realistic.
- New Scopes for the sniper rifles.
- WAR mode, read the WAR readme in the Docs folder for details.
- New Menu with weapons Settings and Back button functionality by Shelby.
- Added new waypoints. (villers bocage, viking's omaha, trainyard, Resistance Paris and carentan ville)NOTE: some features and additions from other authors where added as a placeholder for the internal beta and will change
for the final and public version.
- Two map packs, zzz2.iwd and zzz3.iwd with 15 maps each containing the best work from the COD2 comunity so far. (Downloaded separately and have no waypoints yet)

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