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Here's our second really nice single-player realism mod for the CoD2Files database, which, the author says, was originally created for perso...


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Here's our second really nice single-player realism mod for the CoD2Files database, which, the author says, was originally created for personal use. It's loaded with awesome features, the shortened list of which is below, but if you want to read all about them, make sure you check out the ReadMe. :) There are no screenshots, so all you've got to do is read around a little, and download this great mod now! :thumbsup:

  • Weapons
    • Weapon damage of every weapon realistically increased
    • One shot in the head, neck or upper torso kills immediately
    • All types of grenades have their real parameters (throw distance, cook-off hold, etc.)
    • All tracers removed
    • Removed zoom effect while ADS
    • Max ammo for weapons reduced
    • Increased zoom effect on sniper rifles
    • Removed partial reload on all weapons except sniper rifles (e.g. Springfield, Scoped Kar98k, etc.)
  • Characters
    • All soldiers, friendly and enemy, have equal health
    • Most soldiers, friendly and enemy, now carry grenades
    • German soldiers aim faster
  • HUD
    • Stance icon removed
    • Grenade danger indicator removed
    • Compass size reduced
    • Damage icons removed
    • "Frag" and "Smoke" labels next to grenade icons removed
    • Compass and ammunition counter no longer disappear over time
    • Green friendly soldier and tank names removed
    • Warnings like "You're hurt! Get to cover!" and "Explosives planted. Stand back!" removed
  • Other
    • Whizbys and flesh hit sounds reduced in volume
    • Sustaining a mortar hit at Pointe du Hoc will cause you to lose all your weapons

NOTE: This file was reposted due to an error in the previous post.

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Download '' (2.41MB)


1. After unpaking the file copy "ZZZ_Camillo_COD2SP_Realism_Mod" file into "main" folder located in Your Call of Duty 2 folder.
2. Make a backup copy of Your "config" file located in "main / players / (player profile name)" folder inside Your Call of Duty 2 folder and place it in a safe location in a case You would like to eventually find it in the future.
3. Copy "config" file located in unpacked folder with my mod into "main / players / (player profile name)" folder inside Your Call of Duty 2 folder, overwriting existing file.
4. Launch Call of Duty 2.
5. After launching You may be asked if You want to load the game using default settings and You have to select "NO".
6. When the game is loaded set Your graphic, sound, game settings and key bindings with Your own preferences.
7. Now You can play but the mod will work only when You start any mission from the beginning.


1. Detete "ZZZ_Camillo_COD2SP_Realism_Mod" file from "main" folder located in Your Call of Duty 2 folder.
2. Delete "config" file from "main / players / (player profile name)" folder located in Your Call of Duty 2 folder.
3. Find Your backup copy of "config" file and copy it into "main / players / (player profile name)" folder located in Your Call of Duty 2 folder.
4. Now You can play and Your Call of Duty 2 is just like it was before installing the mod.


In fact I created this mod for myself with my own preferences and needs. However, I decided to share it with the other Call of Duty 2 players. The mission of this mod is basicly to deliver higher level of realism in the game. Every change it brings is thinked over, realistic as much as it can be and is based on authentic sources. Below You can find the list of modifications.


1. The damage level of every weapon was increased and changed into realistic as much as it can be, i.e. Kar98k, Lee Enfield or Mosin Nagant kills afer one shot in most cases, while PPSh or MP40 usually not.
2. One shot in the head, neck or upper torso kills immediately, no matter which weapon was used, which is realistic now.
3. All types of grenades have their real parameters, i.e. german and russian grenades have cook timer and they explode after few seconds after pulling out the pin, while american and british grenades have safety clip, so they can explode only after throwing them.
4. You cannot throw grenades as far as it was originally in the game, which wasn't very realistic. Throwing range for grenades was therefore lowered a bit
5. You won't see any kind of gun tracers anymore, which was totally unrealistic. No more stupid tracers, no matter which weapon is used, Colt, PPSh or MG42. Partially the "WCPTracer" mod was used to get rid of those tracers - big thanks to it's author.
6. You won't see any zoom effect anymore while aiming down the sight of Your weapon, which was very unrealistic. Now when You aim down the sight with any weapon You don't have any zoom efect, but it is much harder to aim at the enemy.
7. The maximum amount of ammunition You can carry was lowered, cause You can carry two heavy weapons, not one weapon like most of the soldiers, and therefore You don't have so much room for additional ammo as You would have when carrying only one heavy weapon. Also the maximum amount of ammunition now depends on the size of the clip, because it was totally unrealistic when You could carry i.e. five ammo clips for PPSh, cause they are huge. Now You can carry only one rocket for Panzershreck, two ammo clips for PPSh, four clips for Bren and MP44, six clips for Thompson and Sten, eight clips for PPS42, MP40, BAR, SVT and G43, ten clips for Carbine and Garand, and twelve clips for Luger, Colt, TT30, Mosin, Enfield, Kar98k and sniper rifles. Also You can carry only two frag grenades and one smoke grenade.
8. The amount of ammunition which is dropped by dead soldiers is now more variable, i.e. one time when You pick up an enemy MP40 You get only two ammo clips while the other time You get six clips.
9. Sniper rifles have bigger zoom effect when aiming with the scope.
10. No more partial reloading for any weapon, which was totally unrealistic. You can only paritially reload some sniper rifles like Springfield or Kar98k Sniper.


1. Health level of every soldier is now equal. Originally in the game friendly soldiers were 50% stronger than german soldiers.
2. Most of friendly and enemy soldiers now carry grenades, so You can expect much more grenade flying in the game, so watch out.
3. German soldiers aim faster, so beware.


1. Stance icon removed.
2. Grenade danger indicator removed.
3. Compass size lowered.
4. Damage icons removed.
5. "Frag" and "Smoke" sings next to grenade icons removed, cause these icons already show the kind of grenade.
6. The compass and ammunition counter are now displayed all the time without dissapearing, cause their dissapearing only deconcentrates, so it's better if they just appear all the time.
7. You won't see those green firendly names anymore, cause it was only screwing up gameplay and was totally annoying. Now if You aim at Your friend You won't see his name. Partially the "WCP2.2" mod was used to get rid of those names - big thanks to the author. Also You won't see the names of firendly tanks.
8. Many of stupid signs like "You're hurt! Get to cover!" or "Explosives planted. Stand back!" were removed.


1. Whizbys and flesh hit sounds were much too loud, which was very unrealistic and therefore the volume level is now 50% lower for whizbys and 90% lower for the flesh hit sounds.
2. In "The battle of Pointe du Hoc" mission when You're hit by enemy mortar You lose all Your weapons so You'll have to find something before going into battle.


1. This mod is only for Single Player mode of Call of Duty 2.
2. This mod may not work properly with any other realism mods but it should work without any problems when used with any sounds, blood or skin mods.
3. While playing this mod You can expect harder gameplay, i.e. You better watch out for enemy MG42 bursts, cause this weapon is much stronger than oryginally in the game, which is much more realistic.
4. It's possible that I forgot to mention some other small changes this mod brings, so forgive me.


I've played the whole game using my mod and I haven't found any bugs so far but however if You find something or if You just like to contact me about this mod than please write me at [email protected] or GG 4736740 - I always reply. If You would like to use this mod for Your own project than of course You may feel free, but please credit me (Camillo) as partially an author. Oh, and please forgive me for my English, I'm from Poland, so Engish is not my primary language.

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