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Here's Backdraft's CoD2 remake of Canal, an old hit map for regular Call of Duty. You might have played this one on various custom map servers long ago; I distinctly remember it from the 'old days' myself. :P Anyway, this port brings back much of the original excitement players found in Nihilo's action-packed night map but now for Call of Duty 2! It's available in all the gametypes including the custom Reinforced Search and Destroy (RSD) gametype, so I'm sure you'll have a blast with this one. Just check out the screenshots below to see how it looks in CoD2, and download the new Canal today! ;)




mp_canal_cod2 by |D|Backdraft

This is my second map and a well loved one from call of duty 1. I started off making the entire map from scratch but the progress was slow. So I decided to look up the original maker of the cod1 map mp_canal and after a few weeks I recieved a positive response. It seems Nihilo (the original map maker) didnt know just how much his map was played and agreed to supply me with the original cod1 .map file. Two weeks (84hrs work) later mp_canal was tested on our cod2 public server and was an instant hit, just like the original :)

Only minor changes and some nice additions, exploding barrels in some key camping area's to make the gameplay more fun and an all new B bombzone just behind the original A zone. As everyone knows the water in cod2 is not half as nice as cod1 so i decided to have the canal as a muddy surface since none of the water textures looked right.

Gametypes supported are: dm, tdm, sd, ctf

Thanks to Nihilo for his support and co-operation so this great map is not lost along with all the other hard work burried with cod1. Any mapper who has one of the cod1 maps and no time to convert it is welcome to look me up. All .map files are considered the property of the maker and I forward nothing on.

Enjoy your meal :)

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