Chelm, Poland

Here's the first final version of one of my absolute all-time favorite CoD2 custom maps, Chelm. We saw the release of the beta 2 version h...


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Here's the first final version of one of my absolute all-time favorite CoD2 custom maps, Chelm. We saw the release of the beta 2 version here on CoDFiles a little over two weeks ago, and since that time, the map has undergone numerous tweaks to make it even more stable than ever before. There hasn't been a whole lot changed along the lines of gameplay or looks, but various bugs have been addressed, as well as compatibility issues with major mods for the game. With that in mind, you server admins should update immediately to this new, improved version of Chelm, Poland, and I guess so should everyone else! :P See the list of features below, check out the screenshots, and download the final version now! :thumbsup:

  • Usable Flak 88 simulator in multi-player
  • Mortar simulator that requires ammo and pickup
  • Shootable bomb with exploding effects
  • All-new structures (no stock prefabs)
  • Dynamic lighting effects for destructable lanterns
  • Random passages and map elements on each load of the map
  • Very visually pleasing with good FPS performance


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Download '' (9.18MB)

README: mp_chelm final 1.0 (DoR: Aug. 30th, 2006)

Mapped, scripted and designed by oraco (Julian Luo, -|HR|-oraco), ACTIVELY seeking game level designer position.

WARNING: Modification or usage of any part(s) of this package [IS] allowed without my permission, [HOWEVER] an unmodified version of this chelm_readme.txt file [MUST] be included in the redistribution package, and [MUST] specify all part(s) modified or used from this package, Thank you.

mp_chelm by Julian Luo (c) 2006

> other credits:
- v2 rocket texture - mp_lolv2_cod2
- most of beta 2's structural changes from beta 1 were advised by Sulu for tactical reasons
- big thanks for internal testing by clan -|HR|-

[email protected]
MSN: [email protected]


> Simply extract and place the iwd file into the main folder

> Map call is /map mp_chelm

> Options are to disable flak, mortar, bomb at church and random passage: (0-off, 1-on)

	/seta chelm_flak 0
	/seta chelm_mortar 0
	/seta chelm_random 0
	/seta chelm_bomb 0

> Option to change reloading delay of Flak88: (0=fastest, 8=slowest, default=4)

	/seta chelm_flakdelay 8

> Due to the small size of this map, set your max players to 24 for balanced play.

> Random passage is automatically disabled for S&D game mode.

Map Information:

Release history: 
- Internal Beta 1 (Clan HR)
- Beta 1 (IWN forum, modsonline)
- Beta 2 (IWN forum, codfiles)
- Beta 2.1 (IWN forum, modsonline)
- Final 1.0 (Public)

Custome Map - mp_chelm (Done alone)
Single player is planned as the map's design had single player in mind. 

> Flak88 simulator usable in multiplayer
> Mortar simulator that requires ammo and pickup
> Shootable bomb with exploding fx
> All new structures, no stock prefabs used.
> Dynamic Lighting effects of lanterns that can be destroyed, respawns in 2 minutes. 
> Random passages/elements on round/map change.
> Very visually pleasing and good FPS performance.

Map Download: 
> - mp_chelm (supports DM, TDM, CTF, SD) 


Concept Art Drawings: 

Radiant Dev. Screenshots : 

Dev Time:
> Concept, Prefab, Map structure - 10 Days full time (Started on July 15th 2006) 
> Portal - 1 Day
> Script - 1/2 Day
> Compile, lighting adjust, beta version prep. - 1/2 Day
> HR Clan internal Beta testing - 5 Days
> Public beta testing - 1 month

> The map is modeled according to a description of a location near Chelm, Poland. The style of buildings and Church is roughly described by a Polish friend of mine. All the design of structures have corresponding concept art I've drawn. Everything is modeled close to the concept, with some variance due to work arounds of limitations and FPS optimization.

> The new concept of this map that is different from the other mp maps is the element of random generated passages. (This has been cut back to fewer locations)
> The map has several passage blockages that will randomly cycle through each round or map rotation. This will result in different pass ways mostly affecting the gameplay of CTF and SD. Some elements in the map also changes randomly to give a slightly different look of this map. 
> The map is high in details, more so than the stock CoD2 maps, but due to the small size and the efficiency of the portals, the FPS is kept in acceptable range. 
> The DM and TDM gameplay flow is kept fairly in the center of the map, where spawned players can enter the intense battle in the middle faster. 
> Most of the random passages are also located in the center of the map, is where the action is. There are enough obstacles and buildings in the center to prevent massive weapon spamming, which often results in a ball of mess and high scores of over 200. The further portions of the map can host campers with a limited field of vision, which also prevents from massive camping.

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