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Here's an absolutely humongous CoD2SP realism compilation by a developer named Ciais who prides himself in having showcased the "best aspects of three wonderful mods: WCP CoD2 Reality, Lt.Speirs' Realism Mod and Camillo CoD2SP Realism Mod." This just has to be something good, too, weighing in at a hefty 600 megs, so don't be deterred if you want the best for your single-player game. :P It's late and I need to get the heck in bed, so I'll leave the reading to you; check out the ReadMe below for details on what's included in this new CoD2SP realism mod, and get to downloadin'! ;)


EDIT: After downloading this mod, make sure you click here to get a small pack of post-release fixes.



Hi, this is "my" (Ciais) Realism Megapack Mod for Call of Duty 2. Why "my"? Because I DIDN'T do any of this, I only made a compilation of the best aspects of three wonderful mods: WCP CoD2 Reality, Lt.Speirs' Realism Mod and Camillo CoD2SP Realism Mod.

Installation procedure
!! Installing the official 1.3 patch is not required, but suggested !!

!! For all the installation procedures, download Part 1 of 2 of this mod !!

Extract Z_CiaisMod_2.iwd into the CiaisMod folder.

Performance tweaks
Copy AutoExec.cfg in the CiaisMod folder.
Run CoD2 SP. If you haven't done it, set your graphical settings to your best.
On Game Options, enable the console. Go back to the main menu.
Bring down the console using ~, which is at top left, near 1. Type exec autoexec.cfg and press Enter. Bring the console up again.
Now go back to the graphics settings, and click on Texture Settings.
Make sure Texture Quality is at Manual, then switch Texture Resolution max on High, never on Extra (Normal is recommended for low-end machines).

That's it, you don't have to do this every time you run the game, except for when you change your graphical settings.
So, don't delete AutoExec.cfg, and you may read it and tweak it, if you want.

Mod features
Ok, now I'll list all the features, by authors/mods.

* WCP CoD2 Reality (V2.6) + WCP CoD2 Reality High-Res Skin Pack (V2.6) + WCP CoD2 Reality V2.6 Fixes (V2)
  - All NPCs AI types
  - A lot of animations, including pain and death
  - Some characters
  - Character codescripts
  - A lot of effects, including blood and explosions
  - All high-res uniform skins
  - Maps effects
  - Airborne troops in the Silo Assault map
  - No game over if shooting friendlies
  - No friendly and vehicle names
  - Some HUD icons
  - Ambient and gore sounds
  - No music mod
  - A very few sound tweaks
  - Many vehicles
  - Few weapons tweaks
  - All the models for the characters, including wounds

* Lt.Speirs' Realism Mod (v4) + Lt.Speirs' Realism Mod (v3) -> {only one skin in user_skinpack.iwd of v4 was corrupted, so I put in the one from v3 instead}
  - Realistic AI accuracy, aiming and behaviour
  - More realistic battlechatter, with more lines
  - Realistic character privates and officers distribution
  - Smoke grenades and other effects
  - A few gun skins
  - Many more NPCs on many maps
  - Tweaked AI and spawning in defense levels like Duhoc Defence and Hill 400
  - Realistic supply system
  - Some compass updates
  - Some sounds, mainly voiceovers and battlechatter
  - Practically all weapon tweaks, including MG42
  - Random heads for all countries
  - Performance tweaks -> {I modified the files only to make them compatible with any configuration, but the tweaks are Lt.Speirs' original}

* Camillo CoD2SP Realism Mod (v3) + Camillo CoD2 Weapons Sound Mod (v2) + Camillo CoD2 Sound Volume Mod (v2)
  - Reduced muzzleflashes
  - Realistic hit damage
  - Accurate vehicle and weapon names
  - Additional map tweaks
  - No HUD mod, including no crosshairs even for MG42s
  - Weapons sounds
  - Realistic sound volume

Well, I hope I didn't forget anything nor made confusion...

Hope you like it, that's my very first mod for CoD2 (I've got it from maybe less than a week...), and the very first mod for a FPS.
For comments, complaints, support or anything, my address is: [email protected]


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