Ciais Realism Megapack Mod Fixes



Ciais has put out this small fix for his recently released Megapack Realism Mod for CoD2SP. It simply adds a small features that he accidentally left out of the first release: disabled crosshairs for MG42s, Flak guns, and tanks. The download is tiny, especially compared to the original full-sized mod, so if you really want this feature in your single-player Ciais-modded game, then download the fix here! ;)




Hi, this are "my" (Ciais) Realism Megapack Mod Fixes for Call of Duty 2. Why "my"? Because I DIDN'T do any of this, I only made a compilation of the best aspects of three wonderful mods: WCP CoD2 Reality, Lt.Speirs' Realism Mod and Camillo CoD2SP Realism Mod.

Installation procedure
Extract Z_CiaisMod_Fix.iwd into the CiaisMod folder.

Fix features

* Camillo CoD2SP Realism Mod (v3)
  - No crosshairs for MG42s, Flaks and even Tanks (and this time for real, sorry if I listed it in the original release and forgot to put it inside...)

Well, I hope I didn't forget anything nor made confusion...

Hope you like it, that's my very first mod for CoD2 (I've got it from maybe less than a week...), and the very first mod for a FPS.
For comments, complaints, support or anything, my address is: [email protected]


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