CoD1 to CoD2 Sound Mod



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Here's a quick little sound mod by Pleiades that puts the original CoD weapon sounds in CoD2. Coming soon: the reverse mod that takes CoD2 sounds and puts them in regular CoD. :)




CoD1 to CoD2 Sound Mod
by Pleiades aka RuhigSein
I took all the sounds for the guns from Call of Duty and put them on Call of Duty 2
Installation Instructions:

*Extract(or Copy and Paste) zzz_CoD1_to_CoD2_SoundMod.iwd to your Activision/Call of Duty 2/main folder
Uninstallation Instructions:

*Delete zzz_CoD1_to_CoD2_SoundMod.iwd from your Activision/Call of Duty 2/main folder


Only the gun sounds are changed... I apologize if I offend anyone, but people really seem to complain alot...
I was going to change everything from explosions, music, and ambience, to bring the whole classic atmosphere.
But I know it wouldn't be neccesary, because from what I see, people like CoD2 sounds better.

I made this because personally I like CoD1's gun sounds better then CoD2; though CoD2's sounds are more "High End".
I just decided to share with everyone. If anyone thinks I should completely modify everything, like the explosions, music, and ambience just let me know.
I didn't amplify or increase the volume of any sounds, because I wanted the classic atmosphere of CoD1 (Amplifying causes some bit of distortion).
Some sounds may be too low, or may be too loud. CoD1 originally had sub machine guns the loudest.

All sounds are changed except for the M1897 Trench Gun (Shotgun).
Enjoy these sounds and lead feedback on how you like or want it done... From comments, I can/if improve in the future.

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