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Here's another nice little 'tutorial' by DeekCiti on how to get use the ExpFog settings for the CoD2 AWE (Additional War Effects) mod. T...


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Here's another nice little 'tutorial' by DeekCiti on how to get use the ExpFog settings for the CoD2 AWE (Additional War Effects) mod. This is meant towards server admins who couldn't figure out the mystic feature due to the lack of documentation (which was the primary reason the author wrote this). It was made for use with AWE v3.0 beta 5b, but it should be of use to anyone wondering about the settings' usage. Therefore, server admins, you know who you are: If you need help in this area, download this quick little .txt file now!

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All Credit Goes to Bell and His/Her Team, for bringing up the Idea and Creating the AWE Mod.

ExpFog Settings Tested with...

Name   : AWE (Additional War Effects)
Version: 3.0 beta 5b
Author : Bell
Site   :
Forum  :

File Name:  AWE_ExpFog_COD2_Settings.cfg

For those of you who always wanted to use ExpFog Settings but never wanted to figure it out.
I Explain how to use ExpFog Settings.  Since there is no In-Depth Documentation available.
Inside the .zip is a .cfg file that works with the Mod AWE (Additional War Effects).  (3b5)

Other Server Mods might use ExpFog Settings as well.
I included the Original ExpFog Settings that the Game uses for maps, which are shown below.
I also included some Fading Fog Settings.  One I call (Dusk to Dawn).  Others are just thicker fog.
I would have included an RGB Chart, but I figured you should do a little work on you're own.
You can cut/paste the information/settings to your own AWE.cfg.

I made this layout in the .cfg file because I could never find any ExpFog settings anywhere for COD2.
Maybe I didn't look hard enough, so I decided to make some myself.
They may not be the greatest but I think they are Challenging and Unique enough to Servers who use them.
For me, When I play a map long enough it gets too easy to see the enemy.  And to kill.
Shooting the enemy all the way on the otherside of the map is goofy.
With the fog settings changed, it makes it much harder to play, so for me, it Promotes a new Challenge.
The Fog Settings fade on and off through a Ten Minute Period.

// MAPS // (Layout by DeekCiti)


mp_farmhouse 0.00015 0.15 0.14 0.13
mp_brecourt 0.0001 0.30 0.31 0.34
mp_dawnville 0.00025 0.32 0.36 0.40
mp_breakout 0.00015 0.15 0.14 0.13
mp_railyard 0.00015 0.8 0.8 0.8
mp_leningrad 0.00045 .58 .57 .57
mp_downtown 0.00028 .58 .57 .57
mp_matmata 0.0002 0.5 0.5 0.5
mp_carentan 0.0001 0.55 0.6 0.55
mp_burgundy 0.00015 0.7 0.85 1.0
mp_trainstation 0.000125 0.7 0.85 1.0
mp_toujane 0.00015 0.9 0.95 1
mp_decoy (NONE SHOWN)

mp_harbor 0.00045 .58 .57 .57  
mp_rhine 0.0001 0.55 0.6 0.55

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