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Here's a brilliant new idea from aka_WarMachine that gives mappers a new way to decorate their maps. The included files allow use of special camouflage patterns in CoD2Radiant on brush textures to produce perfectly blended camo elements in any map. This pack includes a pattern for green areas and one for desert environments as well. Seeing as that encompasses almost all of CoD2, I would say that you have everything you need here to give your maps something special. ;) Check out the screenshots below to see the two camo decals at work, and if you're a CoD2 mapper, download aka_WarMachine's CoD2 Camo Paint now! :thumbsup:





Camo Paint v1.0 (19 SEP 2006)
CoD2 Camouflage Decal Texture

By: a.k.a.WarMachine



Can be used in CoD2Radiant as a decal on existing brushes to give your brush faces a painted camouflage appearance. This technique can be used to help blend walls and other structures into its surroundings. These decals can be used naturally on a nodraw brush face or mesh, and/or blended on a mesh. 

There are currently two variants of camo paint in this version:

	camo_paint1 - For use with green, foliage areas.
	camo_paint2 - For use with dirt, desert areas.



-- Extract the file "cod2_camo_paint.zip" to a folder somewhere on your machine.

-- Copy the file "zzz_camo_paint.iwd" to the "main" directory of your CoD2 installation. (This file contains the images and materials needed to use in CoD2Radiant)



-- I included all of the source files for use with the asset_manager. All of these files are included in the folder named "source". The folder named "images" needs to be in a subdirectory of the "Call of Duty" directory. This folder contains the images and the file "camo_paint.gdt". The files named with "no_alpha" can be put anywhere on your computer if you want to modify them or add your own custom alpha channel.

-- I decided to make these image files because I haven't come across any stock camo type textures yet. If they are there, I must have missed 'em. I also wanted to share these with the modding community.

-- Enjoy.

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