CoD2 Community SP-to-MP Map Pack 1

Ah, finally what we've been waiting for: a pack containing some of the best SP-to-MP map conversions for Call of Duty 2. :) Tally has combi...


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Ah, finally what we've been waiting for: a pack containing some of the best SP-to-MP map conversions for Call of Duty 2. :) Tally has combined four of his works into one easy-to-download set (rather large, yes, but still conveniently packed up), which features updated versions of his previous releases. They all feature support for 30 or more players and compatibility in Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Capture the Flag, so put them on your servers today! :D Read the list of included maps below, check out the plentiful screenshots, and download the set today! :thumbsup:

  • Beltot 2 (Beta 2)
  • Silo Town (Beta 2)
  • Trainyard (Beta 2)
  • Rhine (Beta 2)

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Download '' (67.63MB)

Map Pack 1

Release Date: 02-06-06


Single Player-to-Multiplayer Conversions:

Beltot 2 (Beta 2)
Silotown (Beta 2)
Trainyard (Beta 2)
Rhine (Beta 2)

These maps all support:


Players: 30+



These maps have as low a gamestate as is possible, they are FULLY FEATURED mp maps, with fx, loadscreens, map previewers, ambient sounds, added turret guns, sky tracers, and some maps even have mortors going off.

In some of the maps, the barbed wire has been removed, and crates 'lift' you over them via the use of triggers. This makes the maps much larger play wise.



We tested this pack on 2 x 30 man servers, which were both full. We had no problems, unless someone tried to connect with another copy of the maps. then they got the checksum/name mismatch error. Once they removed them, however, they connected no problem.

We also tried it on one server with AWE 3.0 beta and that was fine as well.


Place a copy of the Map Pack on your webspace for download

Disable downloads (if you can - this may not be possible for some servers running mods)

Update your serve's Hostname, to include soemthing like the following: "Please down download our map pack before connecting to our server. Download at"

Place the zzz_map_pack.iwd in your server's 'main' folder - Do NOT run from an fs_game folder. This is unnecessary, and the ambient sounds have been known not to play on mp_rhine when you do it.

Players - empty your 'main' folders of all other copies of these maps. This will avoid the checksum/name mismatch error,a nd will also help to keep gamestate down.


A definitive collection of the finest sp-to-mp map conversions carried out by the CCMP - in Asscociation with IWNation - to attempt to being together in 1 file the best of the best.
So many maps have appeared which were not ready for release, but were rushed out too soon. These have caused untold problems for people running servers, with their high gamestate and errors. Players have either not been able to connect to servers at all, or been disconnected once the maps had caused the servers to crash.

We the CCMP decided to gather together, and then to improve as much as possible, those maps which have proven themselves most stable. Some have already been released under the umbrella of the CCMP. But these included here are next-generation, and most have had features added to them - including gametypes.

Some will be disappointed not to see Pointe du Hoc included here, but so far, this map has proved the most difficult given the limitations of sp converisons. For this we apologise for disappointing

We the CCMP will continue, for as long as the interest is there, to bring you the very best of these conversions. We hope that the name - CCMP - will be associated with excellence.



Whereas these maps have been fully tested, and we beleive them to be the very best available, they are not without errors. There are still map glitches, and generally bugs where sp entities have been removed.


El Diablo - for all the hard work - pure genius!!!
Worm - for all his help and advice
Daffy - my collegue at IWNation, with his wealth of knowledge about all things 'map'
Syfer - for his enthusiasm and help
COD2 Community Map Project - for all the un-named people who have supproted and advised us in this endevour


[email protected]

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