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For those of you who remember and liked the CoD2 Directory Cleaner[/u...


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For those of you who remember and liked the CoD2 Directory Cleaner by Ashus, then you will probably want to check this one out. The new update has new directory cleaning support and will work even if the game is not installed properly. So if you've got too many mods and maps in your main folder and decide it's time for a little "clean up", then this little application is right for you.


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Call Of Duty 2: Cleaner
Version 0.003

This application is a purifier of COD2's Main directory.
Licence: Freeware
Created by Ashus

Just extract exe anywhere you like. An INI configuration file will be created in the same directory.
If your game is installed improperly, move the exe to the game directory.

Run the program and select files and directories you wish to keep. Click Clean to execute and delete others.


There still may be many bugs, so please report them to me.
ICQ 151883422

Directory cleaning support was added, the game does not need to be installed, however it needs to be in the game's directory in that case. A new column of file change date-time added. Also your preference to sort by this new column is remembered. If opening game registry key should fail, it is created - this leads to new functionality. The game does not need to be installed, just copied; you can set your serial number and launch the game right away without the need to import registry keys. Also you can now use spacebar to check/uncheck more quickly.

Minor things + the window was resized.

First working version.

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