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I feel weird giving such great reviews to all these new files, but what can I say? These developers have some cool new stuff to show you! ;...


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I feel weird giving such great reviews to all these new files, but what can I say? These developers have some cool new stuff to show you! ;) This CoD2 "Hitman" gametype is no different. As the ReadMe says, it's based on a custom gametype for previous CoD games (you can get the original CoD "Espionage Agent" gametype here), courtesy Ravir and Artful_Dodger. :) It's one heck of an idea, too, and must have taken lots of patience to pull off in the game. I can't really explain it because it's a bit complex; all I can say is that it's a blast once you get a good number of players who know what they're doing. :thumbsup: Just scroll down a little for a look at the ReadMe -- it'll explain everything perfectly -- check out the screenshots, and put the Hitman gametype on your CoD2 server now!


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Hitman Gametype for COD2

Based on Artful_Dodger's ESP gametype for COD1 and UO

Ported over with changes by Tally


One player is The Group Commander

At least one player is the Hitman

The majority of the players are Guards.

The Commander gets 2 points for killing a Hitman, but his position is indicated on the hud by a time-delayed blip and must keep moving to avoid precise detection by the Hitmen.

The hud blip can be turned off by cvar

Hitmen receive 2 points for killing The Commander. Hitmen are usually outnumbered 2 to 1 by Guards, who should be trying to guard The Commander in an attempt to gain their chance to be a Hitman. This promotes team work rather than merely looking to obtain points, as the object is to defend the Commander.

The more players on a server means more than one Hitman. Then, a further objective of the game is for each Hitman to evade the others, and get to and kill the Commander first.

When The Commander is killed, another Guard becomes The Commander.

The Commander cannot kill himself or be killed by friendly fire.

Guards can gain 1 point for killing a Hitman, and Hitmen gain 1 point for killing a Guard.

Damaged cause by friendly fire between the Guards and the Commander is split 50/50 between the shooter and damaged player.

If a Guard finds and kills an Hitman, that Agent becomes a Guard, and the Guard becomes a new Agent.



Custom headicons:

Commander = Officers Cap

Guard = a Shield

Hitman = a Machine Gun

Fading hud elements after game start (15 seconds - to clean up the screen)

Cvar to turn off objectives on the compass altogether

Cvar to alter the time-delay for the objective blip on compass

Cvars to stop weaps drops and nade drops

Cvar to allow or disallow pistols

Cvar to stop shellschock

Cvar to hide obituaries (set to 1 to turn off; 0 to allow)

Cvar to allow TK obits even when general obits are off

Cvar to allow kill info, like player, weapon used and distance

Cvar to stop "unknown" players.



This is a server/client mod, so there must be a download. but it is very small

Copy the IWD file to the COD2 'main' folder, or create an fs_game folder and run from there (better)

Server cvars:

//extra cvars
set scr_shellshock "1"
set scr_allow_pistols "1"
set scr_allow_nade_drops "1"
set scr_allow_weapdrops "1"
set sv_no_obits "0" \set to 1 to turn off; 0 to allow obits
set sv_tk_obits "0" \you can keep obits for TKs even if obits are off generally
set sv_display_Killer "1" \displays player, weapon and distance of a kill
set sv_no_Unknown_Soldiers "2" \2 options: 1 gives them a chance to change themselves; 2 changes it for them.

set scr_hm_timelimit "20" \Default is 30
set scr_hm_showcommander "0" \Default is On
set scr_hm_tposuptime "5" \Default is 1
set scr_hm_scorelimit "50" \Default is 50
set scr_hm_showguard "0"



website: (where I am a Staff member. Just PM me, or post your problem)

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