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After releasing the modified/converted UO Dufresne Winter, Filbertish has now got for us a less dramatic but still very useful mod. :) This one adds the "Mods" button back on the main menu of Call of Duty 2. For whatever reason, the IW guys left it out, but it still functions perfectly just as in the original game. Remember that in order to get a mod to appear and be functional on the Mods menu, you must make a separate directory in your 'Activision/Call of Duty 2' folder that contains the mod's .iwd files. After that, it's smooth sailing. ;) Check out the screenshot below to see the interface with the new button, and get this nice little mod today!



I got a bit tired of either taking .iwd files in and out of my Main folder or adding 
"+set fs_game whatever" to the end of a shortcut all the time.  IW made the Mods menu 
but took out the button to access it, so I decided to put that button back in.  
That's all this little mod does, put the button for the Mods menu back in the Main 
menu.  Nothing more, nothing less.  I just figured that if it was something that 
helped me perhaps it would help someone else aswell.

You can either put the "zzzz_mods_menu.iwd" file inside your Main folder or put it in 
a folder (called Mods_Menu for example) inside your "Call of Duty 2" folder and add 
"+set fs_game Mods_Menu" to your shortcut.  It should be the last time you have to do
that.  Once that's done it works just like the Mods menu in CoD and CoD:UO.

Filbertish AT Yahoo DOT com

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