CoD2 MP Grenade Cooking

Here's a quick and easy mod for CoD2 MP that enables grenade cooking (4 seconds) on all the different grenades you get. :P It's small in...


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Here's a quick and easy mod for CoD2 MP that enables grenade cooking (4 seconds) on all the different grenades you get. :P It's small in filesize and server-side only, so if you admins want this feature on your server, download it now! ;)

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by Killersniper

Hello! Thanks for downloading my first modification for Call of Duty 2! This mod changes all the grenades for British, German, American and Russian sides. The grenades have a cook time of around 4 - 5 seconds depending on which grenade you choose. American grenades cook for 4 seconds while German and Russian cook for 5.
Your crosshair for your grenade should pulse giving you the right time to let go before it blows.
This modification will work on unpure servers and your own servers (FTP servers, Dedicated), i made this mod because when I found the CALL OF DUTY 2 grenades did not pulse I decided to make these.  This mod makes it loads easier for Single-player missions to get rid of some nasty MG42's.  Also this can be used to gte rid of that pesky sniper which you can't get to.
To add it all of, I gave each grenade a higher damage, this SHOULD help on those harder missions and tricky maps.


1. Installation

2. Server Help

3. How to work



To install place the file: zzz_svr_cooked_nades.iwd into your CALL OF DUTY 2 folder, if you have trouble finding it go to your computer and select:

C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 2\main


To delete take the .iwd file out of your main folder:

C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 2\main
and empty your recyle bin.


Server help

This file will only work on unpure servers or servers which have ths mod currently installed, check with your server admin if he has this file, if not why not reccomend it to him. This file also works when you start up your own server just make sure clients can download this modification of your server to reduce lag.


How to work

Once installed, hold "G" or your key for greande down, a pulse of your crosshair should apear, You only have 4 seconds to let go !


Once again thanks for downloading and if you have any questions email:
[email protected]


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