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LICENSE AGREEMENT: By downloading this mod, you assert that you own a legally acquired copy of Call of Duty: United Offensive (CoDUO) and...


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LICENSE AGREEMENT: By downloading this mod, you assert that you own a legally acquired copy of Call of Duty: United Offensive (CoDUO) and therefore can legally use this Call of Duty 2 mod that contains CoDUO content.

Here's a neat new mod for Call of Duty 2 that was bound to show up sooner or later. :) Mr. WhiZZlE & Ms. Bojangles bring us the CoD2 Satchel Mod that replaces your smoke grenades with satchel charges as seen in CoDUO. The only qualm I have is that the model fits kind of strange in the player's hand, and it tends to clip with all kinds of other objects in the world -- check out the screenshots to see what I mean. In any case, if you don't mind those little problems, then grab this CoD2 Satchel Mod now! ;)


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               - Satchel Mod -
Author/auteur:		  Mr. WhiZZlE & Ms. Bojangles
Game/Jeu:		  Call Of Duty 2
File name/Nom du fichier: Satchel_mod
Version:		  v1
Released/Sortie le:	  10/01/07

This is our first attempt at modeling and scripting
and we are very pleased with the results. We have
always wanted a satchel mod for COD2 and now it is
here. If you like the satchel in UO you will like
this as well.

***The satchel replaces the smoke grenades***

Place Satchel_mod.iwd file into either 
your server's mod folder (If you have created one)
or into your CoD2 main folder.


None that we know of. Please contact us if you
find any.


Thanks to the testers, Capt.Com
Thanks to and all the great staff.
Also Thank you to my wife (Ms. Bojangles) for
making this mod possible!!!

- Do not modify or add to the contents of the IWD file.
- You may distribute the file via any means you wish,
  but under no circumstances should the files be used
  for profit.
- Do not contact Activision or Infinity Ward for support
  regarding the file (contact me).
- If you wish to distribute the files, then all files
  must be included in their original form (including this

I am in no way responsible for damage of any kind due
to inappropriate use of the files.

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