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Here's a gigantic map by a new developer in the database known as Sami. This CoD2 recreation of the classic CoD map ...


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Here's a gigantic map by a new developer in the database known as [MTAS]Sami. This CoD2 recreation of the classic CoD map Vitebsk features a sprawling snowy Russian landscape with factories, buildings, bridges, trees, and rivers galore, along with compatibility with the standard DM, TDM, and CTF gametypes. You'll definitely want to let the server fill up before running this sucker, but whatever you do, check it out in the screenshots below and pick up your copy of CoD2 Vitebsk today! :thumbsup:


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Download '' (30.23MB)

Vitebsk Resurrection for Call of Duty 2 by [MTAS]Sami ReadMe.

This map was originally created by ubersoldat in CoD1, but was not
able to find the .map file for me to convert. So I spent 9 months
recreating this map completely from the ground up.

****Warning: This map is HUGE!****
Why? Not just the map itself, but it includes a lot of custom
textures which were ripped from CoD1


This map is actually named after a real city in Russia:


The loading screen was photoshopped by me and the main part of the 
picture is really Vitebsk during WW2 (found thanks to a Google
Image Search). Everything else you see (the atlas around the main
picture, the upper and lower borders) are also all from real
pictures of Vitebsk, with a few effects from me.


Download URL:

*contents of zip file: vb.iwd


[MTAS]Sami is an admin of Multi-Tactical Assault Squad, a CoD2
clan. Please visit us at !


the contents of this CoD2 map and associated files may NOT be
modified,sold, or included on any optical disc compilations
(CD/DVD/Blu-Ray). This is only allowed to be FREELY distributed
around the internet and is intended to only be run on Call of Duty
2 Servers, public or private. Any concerns, permissions, or
questions can be answered by contacting me (Sami) at ADMIN AT

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