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Here's an interesting new mod by DeltaForceOperator that makes all the weapon names efficient yet realistic ("short" but "sweet," he sa...


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Here's an interesting new mod by DeltaForceOperator that makes all the weapon names efficient yet realistic ("short" but "sweet," he says). The names are changed for pretty much every weapon in both single-player and multi-player, so the list is rather large! Read the full thing below, and if you're interested in these nice new names, download this mod now! :D

  • 30 .Cal = M1919A4
  • BAR = M1918A2
  • Bren = Mk 3
  • Colt = M1911A1
  • Lee Enfield = SMLE No4 Mk1
  • Kar98 = Kar98k
  • Luger = P-08
  • Carbine = M1
  • Garand = M1
  • Mosin Nagant = M1891-38
  • Scoped Mosin NAgant = M1891-30
  • MP40 = MP-40
  • MP44 = Stg 44
  • PPSh = PPSch-41
  • Springfield = M1903A3
  • Sten = Mk2
  • Thompson = M1A1
  • AMerican Frag = M2
  • British Frag = Mk1
  • Russian Frag = RDG-33
  • Scoped Kar98 = Kar98k-ZF41
  • Shotgun = M1897
  • Gewehr 43 = G43
  • Greasegun = M3A1
  • PPS-42 = PPS-43
  • SVT = SVT-40
  • TT30 = TT-30
  • Webley = Mk6
  • Scoped SMLE = SMLE No4 Mk1 (T)
  • Scoped G43 = K43
  • Smoke Grenade = AN-M8
  • WP Smoke = No. 77

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DeltaForceOperator's Weapon Names2 Realism
This is a mod giving short yet sweet names(no not eye candy) to the weapons, like the Thompson is the M1A1 the Carbine is the M1 same as the Garand. Ect Ect.
Installation:  Put in your Call of Duty 2 Main Section
This is for Call of Duty 2 Not Original.
Will not work with WCP2 Mod due to the weapon names being edited directly in the weapon files, not the script.
Expectation for next version:Look at menu files.
I take no responsibility for any damage this doe's to your computer.
DeltaForceOperator aka GYSGT(ingame)
PS this is a continuation of my previous name mods.;30663;35326

And with ending this I will quote two things.  Shakespeare and Plato:
"Only the dead have seen the end of war."-Plato
"We happy few, we band of brothers/For he today that sheds his blood with me/Shall be my brother."-William Shakespeare, King Henry V
Original Name=New Name

30 Cal=M1919A4
Bren=Mk 3
Lee Endfield=SMLE No4 Mk1
Mosin Nagant=M1891-38 (will probrably get alot of critism for it but the bolt isnt bent like on scoped)
Scoped Mosin NAgant=M1891-30
MP44=Stg 44
Springfield=M1903A3(will get critizied for it but the A4 Doesnt have the iron sights so with the front post it isnt the a4)
AMerican Frag=M2
British Frag=Mk1
Russian Frag=RDG-33
SCoped Kar98=Kar98k-ZF41
Gewehr 43=G43
PPS-42=PPS-43(no such thing as a 42[if you want to argue send me a link to it{cheers mate if you do}])
Scoped SMLE=SMLE No4 Mk1 (T)
Scoped G43=K43(Wanted something to distinguish the 2)
Smoke Grenade=AN-M8
WP Smoke=No. 77

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