CoD2MP Scripting and Binding Tutorial



Here's a nice little tutorial by a developer who simply goes by "axis_soldier." As the name states, you'll find lots of help for basic scripting and binding in Call of Duty 2 multi-player for things such as colored names and other client binds, as well as server management scripts. If you're at all interested, give it a download! It surely won't take more than a few seconds. :)




I, =bia= QUebecois(axis_soldier), take all the credits of making the tutorial. You should not:

-use this file like if it was yours
-spam on server using soem of the binds you could had learned in this tutorial

Instead, you should:
-ask me to use the tutorial on your site, etc...
-use wisely the binds and scripts you learned

This is a tutorial I made for people new in scripts and binds. In it are only the BASICS bind but every thing as a begining.
this is also my first file so I hope you'll love it.

to contact me, e-mail me at [email protected]

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you can come play with us on our 2 publics servers


our site is www.b-i-a-brothersinarms.com

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