CoD2SP Mobile 30 Cal.



Here's the first of two mobile machine gun mods up for release by Sgthaarde for today. This one replaces the CoD2SP American BAR with the 30 caliber -- although the BAR's pretty heavy-duty, I know I personally would take the latter. ;) It looks and functions pretty smoothly in the game, too, so you can expect to get some fun out of it! The screenshots are a tad misleading; all that's included is the new gun replacement and its appropriate files. That is, there are no custom compasses or bloody-arm skins. :P Just check out the screenshots with the intent of seeing the 30 cal., and if you like how the idea, download this cool new mod now! And stick around for the release of the MG42...





Simply place this small file in

c/programfiles/activision/call of duty 2/main

This mod replace the bar rifle with a  mobile   mg 30cal you can find those from all dead american soldiers

Or you will spawn with it

have fun   Sgthaarde

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