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After being informed of the fact that his other CoD2 "Mods" menu item worked only for multi-player, Filbertish has released a small mod for those who would like that same menu item on their single-player menus. :) The function is the same as it's always been: Any non-stock folders in the 'Activision/Call of Duty 2' directory will show up on the Mods menu and will load appropriately when toggled. Check out the screenshot below to see how it looks in-game, and put this in your "Main" today! ;)



I was informed by a "devkildog" that my previous mods menu file only worked for MP.  I
then realized that I had never made a distinction and had forgotten that some folks
might want such a menu in SP.  So here it is, this file will add the Mods menu into
Call of Duty 2's SP.  It works exactly the same way.

You can either put the "zzzz_sp_mods_menu.iwd" file inside your Main folder or put it in 
a folder (called SP_Mods_Menu for example) inside your "Call of Duty 2" folder and add 
"+set fs_game Mods_Menu" to your shortcut.  It should be the last time you have to do
that.  Once that's done it works just like the Mods menu in CoD and CoD:UO.

Filbertish AT Yahoo DOT com

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