Couch Lock 2



Here's the second release of aka_WarMachine's macro map known as Couch Lock 2. This update features lots of useful fixes and additions that will surely keep players coming back for more. ;) As was true in the old version, Couch Lock 2 v1.1 will provide CoD2 players with unique macro map gameplay in DM, TDM, SD, CTF, and HQ with its 'giant' water pipes and varied themes. As I said, if you liked the first version, you'll really love this one, so make sure you read the list of new things below, check out the screenshots, and download this great new map today! :D

  • Various map fixes
  • Moved Search and Destroy objectives for better gameplay
  • Added another Headquarters radio location
  • Added and moved some spawnpoints
  • Fixed grid file (allows for smoother lighting)
  • Added more portals for better performance



Call of Duty 2 Multiplayer map
Author: aka_WarMachine, =NAZ=, P.C.INVASION... don't forgot Baratski ;-)

Supported Gametypes: DM TDM SD CTF HQ
Installation: Copy "mp_couch_lock_2.iwd" to your COD2 /main installation directory.




- This map is a complete rebuild of the original Couch Lock map for CODUO. Couch Lock is a scaled up interior multiplayer level map. Players are about the size of large action figures. The actual scale ratio is roughly 8/1. Fun, fun fun!!

- I know I said the original release was final, but I couldn't help myself. You'll notice that in this version, and version 1.0, the speakers and HL2 sound files are gone. I thought that was a bit over the top.

Updated to version 1.1 : MAY 30, 2006

	- Brush, entity and texture fixes.
	- S&D objectives relocated for better game play.
	- Added another HQ objective.
	- Added and relocated some spawn points.
	- Got my grid file working on this version...finally!! (Smoother lighting now.)
	- More portaling.

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