Count Grishnackh's COD2 Sound Pack

Here's an awesome new sound mod by Count Grishnackh and made for Call of Duty 2 single-player. "How can a sound mod be meant for single-p...


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Here's an awesome new sound mod by Count Grishnackh and made for Call of Duty 2 single-player. "How can a sound mod be meant for single-player," you ask? :P Simple! It includes third-person sounds for the Axis weaponry, so it might be out of place in the thick of multi-player. ;) The sounds seem to be very realistic to me, and the author claims to have extensive experience in firing the actual guns, so you should enjoy these! They're all very hefty sounds and almost every weapon has got a new one, so download this great mod now, and give it a listen! :D

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Count Grishnackh's COD2 Sound Pack

Version: 1.0 

Thank you for downloading my sound pack. This sound pack is an attempt by me to create realistic sounds for use in Call Of Duty 2. I have
fired many weapons before and I feel that many of the sounds in the game are unrealistic and weak. 
I have modded pretty much all the weapons sounds in this sound pack and have changed the sound aliases so Axis weapons play a 
"3rd person" shot sound when they are fired at you. This is why this pack is best suited for Single Player only. Expect with the
next version a pack for use with multiplayer servers. I am also going to start working on the reload sounds and some of
the explosions.

How To Install:
Simply place the mgrishnackh_cod2sound_sp.iwd in your COD2 main folder. The default directory is
C:\Program Files\Call Of Duty 2\main. If you wish to uninstall the pack, simply delete the
mgrishnackh_cod2sound_sp.iwd file from the COD2 main folder.

Please do not rename the file or have two sound packs installed at once.

Please report any bugs you find to Count Grishnackh. Contact info is at the bottom of this readme.

The Future Projects:
As stated above I will be including a mutiplayer pack for servers as of the next version. Look for it soon.
I am also on a mod team for the Crytek2 Engine that is modding an infantry-focused Korean War experience
on this cutting-edge next generation engine. No website as of yet. The mod will be called Cold Front: 1951.


You may:
Redistribute this pack

You may not:
Claim any of my sounds as your own work. Please contact me if you plan on using these sounds for any purpose.

Please also contact me if you:
Plan on using my multiplayer pack (coming out in a later version) on your server. I would like to compile a list 
of servers using it so I can play on them. :D


Equipment and Software Used:
Creative Labs Audigy ZS2 Platinum Sound Card
Adobe Audition 1.5 
Sony Sound Forge 8.0
Logitech 5.1 Z-530 Speakers


Contact Info:
Email -

Alternatively, you can find me on any of the forums below.

Favorite Links:  <- I am on their forums under the username Model_14.  <- San Diego Airsofter's resource. <- The Off Topic community hosted by a kind hearted guy by the name of Picard. My username on the forums is TheBullet'sBreath. <- My INS clan, 1st Recon Battalion. <- Temporary Cold Front: 1951 forums.

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