CrazyCoD2: The Kraut Perspective

Here's the second release of MajorMajorMajorMajor's CrazyCoD2: The Kraut Perspective mod. There's a huge list of updates so I won't try...


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Here's the second release of MajorMajorMajorMajor's CrazyCoD2: The Kraut Perspective mod. There's a huge list of updates so I won't try to summarize them here; just check out the ReadMe below to see what this version features. Once you got that down, see the screenshots and give this update a download!


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Spruce up your COD2 Single Player with

CrazyCOD2: the Kraut Perspective v1.2
a mod by MajorMajorMajorMajor

now with SHOTGUNS and Potato Grenades!


Tired of SP in COD2? Finding MP a bit anemic? Try freshening things up with this 
mod. It'll switch you to the German side, power up all weapons, change the behavior 
of your squad mates and enemies, change your weapon loadouts, fix lots of little 
annoyances, replace the stock sounds with crisp new ones, and give all the characters 
a new look - check out your new Lt. Volsky, Cpt. Price and Sgt. Randall and watch 
out for those Soviet commissars and allied officers. Blow up Russian tanks in 
Stalingrad with Panzerschrecks and storm the beaches of Normandy with the Wehrmacht.
See weapons in missions you've never seen them before.

This is the second public release of my COD2 single-player mod, named CrazyCOD2. 
This mod was originally created just for personal use but as I spent much time
working on it and trying to make it better I thought I would share it and see
if anyone else would enjoy it. This mod is meant to make the game more replayable
for those who have finished COD2 SP. Realism is NOT specifically intended. In fact
I considered calling it the COD2 UnRealism mod...

If you find a bug, please let me know and I will fix it. Having a player file that
has finished all missions is recommended but as of this version should no longer be
strictly necessary.


This mod consists of 3 iwd files:


Extract all .iwd files to COD2/main folder and load COD2 SP. Previous
mid-game autosaves won't work, as with all script type mods.

Features (scroll down for version changelists):

- Added the SHOTGUN! Shoots slugs, not shot, but still great for close combat. 1-hit melee kill.
- Gave shotguns to AI characters, modified anim scripts (thanks for pointing me to this file 
  Aliblabla), and combined fire & pump sounds to simulate AI shotgun usage
- Tweaked loadout to reflect addition of shotgun
- Changed potato masher grenades to just potatoes. Enemies will drop potato grenades as well.
- Added Meeshman's shotgun skin.
- Modified head configurations.
- Bolt action sniper rifles now reload in 1 reload cycle, for reduced realism... er, I mean, 
  increased action fun!
- Fixed Mosin sights (found by alvaroM)
- Updated objective strings
- Fixed some skins
- Fixed presence of Shermans in Russian missions
- Gave the player a panzerschreck in Brigade Box to use against the tank (thanks to STARFLEET27
  finding you can't use the sticky bombs anymore) and added AI panzerschrecks in various
  missions should you lose or break yours (thanks to Aliblabla for the tip)
- Sound changes for Sten, G43, BAR, Greasegun and Thompson
- Made Flak guns more powerful
- Increased Panzerschreck accuracy
- Vector Akashi's Chuck Norris quotes
- Aeneas2020's Soviet Banner mod, which changes the Nazi banners to Soviet ones (since you are
  fighting the Soviets, this only makes sense)
- Fixed moar reedme tipos

- Fixed a bug that made artillery mission virtually unwinnable ("mission failed" message came up
  too much)
- Fixed yet another null stumbling guy problem this time on Supercharge
- Added MacGregor head to african enemy head list
- Player threatbias set to 0 (thanks to Broadus for the inspiration)
- Tweaked skin usage
- Fixed a bug that prevented German head array from working
- Fixed not being able to shoot the prisoners in Beltot mission
- Changed player and friendly AI tanks to Tigers, and fixed some lingering allied tigers
  into crusaders
- Fixed tank machine gun (was broken in 1.0)
- Swapped 30 cal and MG42 models. For some reason the enemy 30cals in the Rhine have the mg42
  fire sound but this does not occur elsewhere as far as I know. Don't know what's causing it.
- Increased fixed MG firing arc (again thanks to Broadus for the idea... took a while to figure
  out how he did it)
- Fixed readme typos

Original release:

Game Pack:
- New weapon damages; all weapons hit harder.
- Pistols are much more useful. If you are good at point shooting you might find a pistol
  much better than a submachine gun, but if your aim sucks stick with the SMGs.
- Webley reload shortened to 3 seconds, sound edited to sync with animation.
- Improved BAR
- Thompson clip uniformly extended to 30 rounds.
- Panzerschreck has tons of extra ammo for more explosive fun.
- Most weapons have expanded max ammo counts so you can play with whatever guns you find.
- Replaced the post scope with the cross reticle on German rifles
- Many changes to AI accuracy, maps, AI behavior, etc credit to WCP and LtSpeirs. Best
  part, no more losing missions due to friendly fire.
- Includes Giancarlo's New US Uniform skins and KnifeInFace's weapons skins.
- Expanded instance of Antanova female soldier skin for Russians & swapped Volsky trench

German Pack:
- Randomized, customized faces for all soldiers
- New German rank system
- Switches German and Allied sides (Voolma laid the framework for mod here). Go Veteran
  and get killed a dozen times driving to Matmata by the British or storm the beaches and
  climb Duhoc while getting hammered by the Americans for a change.
- Americans get both grease guns and Thompsons
- Gave German allies and Russians and British AI opponents different weapon loadouts;
  introduced the Sten in Africa and the grease gun in Normandy, as well as the MP44 in
  Russia & Africa, among others. I know this is historically inaccurate but it's fun, dammit.
  Best part is I did it *without* removing any of the other guns (Thompson, MP40, etc)
- Modified WCP Pain mod to be compatible with German pack. You will still get shot at by 
  TT30s, Webleys and Colts from dying enemies plus your own guys will fight back with lugers.
- Added Commissars for the Russians! Watch out, they only pack TT30s but they are much more
  accurate than the Soviet grunts.
- Added Allied officers for the Normandy and Africa campaigns. Fun to watch in action, scary 
  to get capped by. Their Webleys do a lot of damage...
- New loadouts are designed to give you the opportunity to try weapons where you wouldn't 
  normally get to, or that are hard to come by such as sniper rifles, panzerschreks and pistols. 
  (although pistols are a lot easier to get with all the pain anims).
- Changed skins and weapons for Leonov, Volsky, Randall and Price to German officer skins, and
  gave them new weapons. Also switched it up for Braeburn and McCloskey.
- Significant accuracy upgrades for AI squadmates, especially officers.
- Enemies will some times take out backup guns when out of ammo, even when not wounded.
- Check out the ending cinematic for some "mixed-up" rescue action!
- Mega Colt.
- Includes WartyX's Royal Britannia skins, KnifeInFace's Marines skins, AceOfSpades's German
  skins, Rapsodia's winter high-res skins and Ferry's Deutscheland Division SS Officer skin.

Sound Pack:
- New sounds for every weapon except the g43. Sounds were taken from many sources, which took 
  them from many sources. WCP soundpack, Copers sound collection, Speirs soundpack, and many 
  hours spent recording sounds from Tactical Ops, TO Crossfire, and others.

Credit to Others:

This mod obviously has a great deal of my own modding, but some of it is the synthesis
of other peoples' mods and skins that I came across and I list these here. I do
not claim credit for any of their achievements and give it all to them here:

This mod has several components from Ltspeirs's Realism mod, primarily in AI behavior,
weapons properties, minor fixes from stock COD2 such as Randall's voice, accuracy changes, 
not losing the game due to FF, randomized heads, et cetera. I simply would like to pass 
on some of these. Some of these were originally the work of WCP as well and were incorporated
into Ltspeirs's mods. Thanks, Ltspeirs and WCP! 

The german pack is inspired by Voolma's german mod. I redid the mod from the ground up and 
added many things but he was the guy who started it all. Thank you, Voolma!

Also thanks to Broadus for his German mod, which had a lot of cool ideas I hadn't thought of.

The Royal Britannia redcoat skins are the work of WartyX, the German infantry skins are 
the work of AceofSpades, the SS Officer skin is the work of Ferry, and the Marines skins 
and weapons skins (except the Sten, which is the work of Tim) are the work of KnifeinFace. 
All I did with respect to skins was put them together for a smashin' fighting experience.

I also want to thank Peter Engstrom, who created Pakscape, without which this mod would have
been impossible for me to make.

The No Dust Mod by Vector Akashi is included. It should raise your fps by removing
the dust in maps.

Known issues:

I have spent a lot of time debugging script errors, headless dudes, invisible commissars,
stumbling or frozen unarmed null guys, grease gun compatibility problems and untold other 
issues. Most of these are now cleaned up. 

One major bug had eluded my extensive efforts to stamp it out, but was fixed by a lucky
inspiration and some more digging months after I started the mod:

FIXED 9/18: In the third russian mission set, the first and third missions had objectives that 
failed to load late in the mission if the German pack is present. This prevented finishing of 
the missions. I haD spent many hours trying to debug this to no avail, but finally fixed it
after drawing inspiration from a failed attempt at modding some skins in the British campaign. 
The problem was the Volsky voice fix, which is not compatible with German swap.

FIXED 11/12: Null stumblers in Supercharge map were a result of smg aitype chars that were
created as a thompson character when default was a sten. Precaching a Thompson in sten guys'
inventory in case they were chosen to use the thompson character fixed the problem.

Other known issues which I invite anyone to let me know how to fix if they wish:

AI shotguns in africa occasionally fail to drop when the carrier dies.

No pump sound on reloading shotgun, because I removed the sound and combined it with the firing
sound so AIs would sound like they were pumping the shottie.

Portable machine gun models are still behaving strangely.

Pistols are apparently not accounted for in some of the animations for Price and Randall. They
therefore look occasionally like they are holding a rifle but actually carrying a pistol. Walking
works perfectly fine...

Known issues which predate my mod and remain issues:

Volsky's skin loads as a German grunt in the last Russian mission instead of an officer. Have not
been able to find any reason for this in map or char files, but might of course have missed something.

Americans in the Demolition attic. This probably has to do with the fact that the enemies in
the COD2 SP were always Germans; the map creator put Normandy germans up there for some reason,
and when the opponents were broken into 3 nationalities they became Americans.

The machine gunner in the farmhouse in duhoc_assault still doesn't have a head.

FIXED 11/10: Rank system for the German AIs was broken. This was due to all the German names
using the American scheme which was based on a set of "if" conditions that never applied, defaulting
all AIs back to "Schutzes".

Large number of Volsky skin clones with normal grunt names on Trainyard mission as you exit the
pipeline. Doesn't seem to affect gameplay.

The guy who makes you get in the pipeline uses Volsky's skin but is not Volsky himself.

In the Duhoc assault mission Randall gets shot in the landing craft. This has always been a bug
BEFORE my mod, but is unfortunately very obvious now because he uses a distinctive officer skin.
Never fear, when you get to the rope he is alive and well.

Duhoc assault enemies very early in the fighting always use German weapons and friendlies 
always use American weapons, though this rectifies itself partway through. Again predates my mod, 
and doesn't persist for very long.


Not responsible for your computer blowing up in ANY way, including but not limited to COD2 crashes,
hard drive failures, nuclear explosions, and loss of beer or pretzels due to excessive quantities
of awesome contained in this mod. Use this mod at your own risk!!

Feel free to tinker with this mod for you own personal use, e.g. playing with the loadouts and such.
If you can fix the above bugs, please tell me how you did it (usually the process is very simple)
and I will replicate the fixes, re-release the mod and of course credit you for squishing the bug!

If you distribute it, I only ask the following:

If simply being redistributed as is please keep this file intact with all its information.

If this mod is modified or plugged into another mod, please notify me and give credit to myself 
and the people listed above in the "credit to others" section.

I sure as heck wouldn't pay for my own mod, so if you can get someone else to, more power to you.

As usual, this mod has no political implications. Feel free to frag your own side while playing as
the Germans if you're feeling guilty for some reason, since losing missions due to FF has been
disabled ;)


rsw1988 at gmail dot com

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