Damn-Owned German Winter Outfit



A new developer known as "Damn-Owned" has released a skin he hopes will inspire CoD2 players everywhere who are 'stuck' in DX7 mode. :P This skin simply adds tasteful details and a generally sharper look to the winter German uniforms so as to make DX7 mode more attractive in that respect. I'm not sure of exactly what he did to achieve the sharper look (probably double resolution, I'm guessing), but the final result is pretty good. You can really see some nice folds and things of that nature going on that help bring out the life in the lifeless stock skin. :) Check out the screenshots below to see for yourself, and if you're a DX7 user, grab Damn-Owned's first work today!





Damn-Owned German Winter Outfit. (Dx7 Mode only!)

This is my first COD2 skin wich is dedicaded for people who can't play COD2 in DX9 mode.

The skin is sharper and looks more realistic (I think). This skin looks almost the same as the skin for DX9 mode. So: If you can't play DX9, but you want it, Why don't you change the graphics  to the same as DX9!?!?!

Reason made:
If you can't play COD2 in DX9 mode (just like me) The graphics are not as nice as Activision and you want to. I want that players in DX7 mode get better graphics that look more like those in DX9 mode. I want to show DX7 people that there is hope. And I hope THIS hope will help you guys...

How made:
DX9 uses normal textures, specular maps and even more... I've put all those effects together with Jasc PSP9 And there you go!

If you noticed that another texture is COMPLETELY different in DX7 than in DX9, mail me at Nickolas_123 @ hotmail . com and ill publish the new textures.

Put the .iwd file in the folder of your server. If you don't have a specific folder, put it in /Call of Duty/Main folder. If you don't know what I mean, put it in the Main map also.

P.S: I speak dutch... so... if you speak dutch, you can email me in dutch.

It is strongly forbidden to use this file in another package or .iwd file, CD, DVD .etc, unless you got my permission. IF you have MY permission, put Damn-Owned in the readme file and what I made. Even if you don't publish the file!!!(Readme must be included)

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