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Here's an absolute masterpiece by Kami, which acts as a teaser for an upcoming CoD2 frag video. The effects are nothing short of stupendous, and the bind between music and video is flawless. In short, this teaser is extremely appealing, interesting, and quite exciting to me -- I can only imagine how the full video will be! :thumbsup: You simply must download this video short immediately! :D

Edit: Oh and I forgot to mention that it comes with a sweet wallpaper, too! See the second screenshot for a glimpse at that work of art in itself. ;)



14 Jan 2006

The Dark Prophecy - TEASER:

Teaser Information by Plato

The Teaser of The #Dark.alliance CoD2 fragmovie is included with this readme file.
The real movie , called "The Dark Prophecy" will be ready by the end of march.
In this teaser you will be able to see all 6 #Dark.alliance players (Sticky, Maxxur, Co, Rafe, Shifx, Tim) in action,
but we want to state clearly that not all of these 6 players are still in the main line-up.
Nevertheless we put them in the teaser because they made #Dark.alliance the awesome clan it is now.
Special thanks to Kamikaz for making this wonderfull piece of art and offcourse to the CoD2 squad for giving Kamikaz enough decent material for it!

Dark Alliance by MAXXUR

Since we aren't very happy about our activity lately, we decided to look for another fifth to fill in the empty spot at our roster.
This isn't very easy because we demand a lot of activity and motivation.
Still we haven't found the correct guy yet, so if you feel giving it a try, don't hesitate.
Being lannable in the Benelux also is an advantage.

Dark Alliance current line-up:

- Players:

* Jan 'Sticky' Craeynest
* Bart 'Maxxur' Verstrynge 
* Frederique 'Co'De Schoemaecker
* Patrick 'Shifx' Cassiers
* ?

* Leroy 'Rafe' Aerts (inactive)
* Tim 'Tim' Raeman (back-up)

- Management:

* Alexander 'Vetje' Reynaert
* Bram 'bRahms' Segers
* Jasper 'Plato' Platteau
* Tom 'Kamikaz' Vercruysse
* Gie 'SpukkZ' Verschueren
* Peter 'Darkie' Den Baes

Statement by MAXXUR about Shifx:

Statement MAXXUR:"At first I didn't know Sh1fx very well, I saw him as "another" guy that thought he was good enough.
Then after playing with him for a while, I started realising he really had something in him, but he couldn't bring it forth.
So we just kept on giving him chances, and after a while he got used to us, and he could prove he was worthy joining Dark Alliance.
That's when we took him in. He's coming from the dutch community, so he isn't really known in the Belgian community yet.
He is a very interesting member, able to finish clutches fluently or spreading out avishots.
Being lannable also is an advantage, so we couldn't see why not taking him in."


Trailer information:

* Filename: Dark_Alliance_CoD2_Teaser.avi
* Resolution: 800*600
* Codec: XviD MPEG-4 Video Decoder
* FPS: 25
* Size: 37,7 MB MB
* Length: 1 Minute 15 seconds
* Music: Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers - Main Theme - Requiem for a Dream


* Tom 'Kami' Vercruysse
* [email protected]
* IRC: #Dark.Alliance @ Quakenet.Org

Dark Alliance:

* Clan: Dark Alliance
* Squad: CoD2
* Website: www.Da-Gaming.be / www.Dark-Alliance.be
* IRC: #Dark.Alliance @ Quakenet.Org

Players in teaser:

* Jan 'Sticky' Craeynest
* Bart 'Maxxur' Verstrynghe 
* Frederique 'Co'De Schoemaecker
* Patrick 'Shifx' Cassiers
* Leroy 'Rafe' Aerts 
* Tim 'Tim' Raeman 

© Tom Vercruysse - Da`Kami - #Dark.Alliance

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