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Here's a small Call of Duty 2 weapon mod by a new author known as Dark Zer0. This mod -- aimed at creating a realistic feel and function for the game's weapons -- makes some general changes based on separate accounts of history, as well as some logic and reason (e.g. heavy guns cause more melee damage). In any case, the mod is miniscule in file size and does away with all the other 'frills' we often see with realism-based ventures, so you minimalist server admins might particularly appreciate this one. ;) Just read the quick list below for a look at the features, see the promo screenie below, and download it now if you like the ideas!

  • More powerful, faster-firing submachine guns
  • More deadly rockets and grenades
  • Shots to the upper leg are fatal
  • Slightly more damaging pistol rounds and melee attacks




-------------------------   Call Of Duty 2 Realism   ---------------------
                                   BETA 1

Hi, thanks for downloading this file. This is my first modification for any
Call of Duty game. If you have any requests for mods, or skins please email
me @ [email protected]!


I created this modifcation because i thought after watching many WWII videos
and pictures that everything in all video games everything is way out of 


This mod balences all the weapons, and only the weapons, out. SMG's are now
more powerfull and faster, bazzokas etc are now a 1 shot death anywere around
2-5 metres of the landing. Rifles can kill on neck, head (still the same) and 
upper leg. Pistols bit more damage but not too much they still can't kill in 
1 shot. Grenades will kill the player, (imagine ur leg blown of you couldn't 
fight could you? So the player will have too die because i can't make a script
that allows players who have had thereleg blown off by a grenade to not play.
Melee is a little more damage, (imagine the guns weight hitting your skull! :o

[ How to install ]

Place the PK3 file in your call of duty 2 main folder.
To uninstall find the file and delete.

[ Credit ]

My email is [email protected]
and credit goes to CoDfiles.com for making a site with so many great members
which helped me make this mod happen.

Created on the 10th October 2006 2:15 PM

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