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Here's a creative and very cool new sound mod by Deek, which replaces all the stock map ambience sounds (weather, gun chatter, etc.) with a...


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Here's a creative and very cool new sound mod by Deek, which replaces all the stock map ambience sounds (weather, gun chatter, etc.) with a few new ones themed to each country in which the map takes place. It's simply a fun change for players looking to get a new feel out of the game -- you might be surprised at how different it is with these new background tracks. ;) With that in mind, download this mod now, give it a listen, and see what you think! :D

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Download '' (12.43MB)


-FOR MP (Multi-Player) ONLY

FILE:  zzz_Deeks_Ambience_Mod.iwd
AUTHOR:  DeekCiti
FILE SIZE:  12.4mb
PROGRAMS USED:  Pakscape, Sony Vegas Video 6.0
FILE SPECS:  128 Kbps, 44,100 Hz, Stereo, MPEG Layer-3

NOTE!  Remove all other Mods of THIS Nature before Installing this Mod!


- For Client only Install, Place (zzz_Deeks_Ambience_Mod.iwd) into, Call of Duty 2/main folder.

- For Server Based Install, Place (zzz_Deeks_Ambience_Mod.iwd) into fs_game folder or into, Call of Duty 2/main folder.

For Client only install, if Server you are Joining is NOT running this Mod, it will NOT work!  Unless Server is set to Unpure.
Both Client and Server need this Mod in order for it to work properly.
If Server is running this Mod, then Client should download it from Server.

NOTE!  If you get .IWD Mismatch Errors with this file, it is because you have too many .IWD's in your Games Folders.


Remove/Delete (zzz_Deeks_Ambience_Mod.iwd) from fs_game folder or Call of Duty 2/main folder.


This mod Replaces all 13 stock maps with new Ambient Battle Sounds.
Battle Sound is the audio the map plays as backround sound.

Maps Affected:

mp_farmhouse      (Beltot, France)
mp_downtown       (Moscow, Russia)
mp_decoy          (El Alamein, Egypt)
mp_dawnville      (St. Mere Eglise, France)
mp_carentan       (Carentan, France)
mp_burgundy       (Burgundy, France)
mp_brecourt       (Brecourt, France)
mp_breakout       (Villers-Bocage, France)
mp_trainstation   (Caen, France)
mp_toujane        (Toujane, Tunisia)
mp_railyard       (Stalingrad, Russia)
mp_matmata        (Matmata, Tunisia)
mp_leningrad      (Leningrad, Russia)

The maps are separated by Location.  Three .mp3's are used depending on the Location of the map.



Each NEW Battle Sound includes, more intense battles, sounds of planes flying over head, bombs dropping, German, British, Russian and American yelling, dog barks, and much more.  Basically if your interested in some new map ambient battle sounds playing, while you battle with your buddies, then this is worth a try.

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