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And after the skin pack from Notsafeforwork comes an equally impressive sound pack by DeekCiti with an excellent selection of audio perfecti...


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And after the skin pack from Notsafeforwork comes an equally impressive sound pack by DeekCiti with an excellent selection of audio perfection ranging from menu music to weapon fire. :) And boy, do I love this new menu music! The thing is, it's not actually music; I describe it as "dramatic war ambience" with the focus on a soldier trying to stay alive. I can't explain it, but hey, if you're just downloading this mod for that, I would recommend it. ;) Still, the weapon sounds included here are very nice and sound great on a system with good bass, so why not give this set a try? Read the list below to see what's new, and download this "ultimate sound pack" now! :thumbsup:

  • Main menu music (dramatic war ambience)

  • Echo for grenades
  • Mine explosion
  • Bush movement
  • Mine click
  • Mouse menu select
  • Grenade pick-up
  • Dry fire
  • Shellshock
  • Melee attack
  • Sniper breathe in/out
  • Rifle rechamber
  • MG42 and 30 cal. cooldown

  • BAR
  • Bren
  • 30 cal.
  • Colt
  • Lee-Enfield
  • Lee-Enfield sniper
  • G43
  • Kar98k
  • Kar98k sniper
  • Luger
  • M1 Carbine
  • M1 Garand
  • MP40
  • MP44
  • Nagant
  • PPSH
  • Shotgun
  • Shotgun rechamber
  • Springfield
  • Sten
  • SVT40
  • Thompson
  • Webley

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Download '' (11.28MB)

Built For Call of Duty 2 - Single and Multiplayer

File:  zzz_Deeks_Ultimate_Soundpack.iwd
Author:  DeekCiti
Software Used:  Sony Soundforge, Sony Vegas Video, Pakscape


This file replaces all the sounds noted below in the CONTENTS Section.  Added more Bass to the Audio, and some after Echo.  Most of these files were included in my last Audio Mod, but now have been refined.  Some ( NEW! ) sounds have been added as well.  Please read the WHOLE README, before installing this mod, for it may Conflict with other Sound Mods you may have installed !


Place ( zzz_Deeks_Ultimate_Soundpack.iwd ) into your ( Call of Duty 2/main ) folder.

NOTE:  File may not work on PURE servers, unless server is running this file.
NOTE:  Servers, place file in FS_Folder Dir.


Remove ( zzz_Deeks_Ultimate_Soundpack.iwd ) from your ( Call of Duty 2/main ) folder.


This Mod replaces the following files...

- MAIN MENU MUSIC ( A Man In Shock, and In Pain, Trying To Gather Himself During War. )( NEW! )

- Echo for Grenades
- Mine Explosion
- Bush Movement
- Mine Click
- Mouse Menu Select
- Pick Up Grenade
- Dry Fire( NEW! )
- Shellshock
- Melee Attack( NEW! )
- Sniper Breath In ( Soft Through Nose )( NEW! )
- Sniper Breath Out ( Soft Through Mouth )( NEW! )
- Rifle Rechamber
- MG42 and 30 Cal. Cooldown( NEW! )

- BAR( NEW! )
- Bren
- 30 Cal.
- Colt( NEW! )	
- Enfield
- Enfield Sniper
- G43
- Kar 98
- Kar 98 Sniper
- Luger( NEW! )
- M1 Carbine( NEW! )
- M1 Garand( NEW! )
- MP40
- MP44
- Nagant
- Shotgun
- Shotgun Rechamber
- Springfield
- Sten
- SVT40
- Thompson( NEW! )
- Webley

Some files are ( NEW! ) all the rest have been resampled and tweaked since the last Sound Mod.  

- Questions and Comments, Please Post...

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