Deeks COD2 Taunt Mod

This mod adds 7 new taunts to each countries voice menu.All Taunts are original Cod2 Voices. The only problem we found with this mod is that...


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This mod adds 7 new taunts to each countries voice menu.All Taunts are original Cod2 Voices. The only problem we found with this mod is that some of the german to english translations are not accurate. Still a nice addition for your game though.

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Call Of Duty 2 - Realistic, Multiplayer Taunt Mod

File Name:  zzz_Cod2_Taunts_v1.0.iwd
Author:  DeekCiti
File Size:  808kb
Version: 1.0
Programs Used:  Pakscape, Vegas Video 6.0
Audio Properties:  96 Kbps, 44,100 Hz, Mono, MPEG Layer-3

Client:  Copy/Paste (zzz_Cod2_Taunts_v1.0.iwd) to your  ...Call of Duty 2/main Folder.

Server:  Copy/Paste (zzz_Cod2_Taunts_v1.0.iwd) to your  ...fs_game Folder.

If your connecting to a server, this file will not work if the Server is set to Pure, unless the Server has this file installed as well as you!
Client and Server must have this file installed in order for it to work properly.
Unless Client is connecting to an Un-Pure Server.

Client:  Remove/Delete (zzz_Cod2_Taunts_v1.0.iwd) to your  ...Call of Duty 2/main Folder.

Server:  Remove/Delete (zzz_Cod2_Taunts_v1.0.iwd) to your  ...fs_game Folder.

Translator Needed:

I had one little problem with this mod.  Since I understand very little German, I couldn't understand the German Taunts enough to write out what the player says at the top of the screen after the taunt is said.  I understand some, but not enough to accurately depict what is being said.  This is only for the German Taunts, since all the others are in English.  If someone Understands German enough and wants to help with this mod, Please write out what the German is saying, in both German and English.  Please do not post it here, send it to my Email address at the following:  Deekciti(AT)  (AT) = @  
Remember, be as accurate as you can, since this is a realism Mod.  I don't want guessing, only Email me if you know 100 percent.  You would be credited in the Final release of this mod, v2.0.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


This mod adds a new Quick Message Menu labled (Taunts).  
Each Country has 7 (Seven) new Taunts added to thier Voice Menus.
All Taunts are original Cod2 Voices.  I take no credit for these voices, only the re-rendering of them for this mod.
Because each Country has different Taunts and could not be categorized Separately, they had to be numbered 1-7 in the sub-menu.  All that really means is that it makes it much harder to memorized, what numbers, say what Taunts.

*Use this mod as an outline for Future Taunt Mods!

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