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An updated version of Deeks COD2 Taunt Mod, this version now includes the accurate English to German translations. For thos people who haven...


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An updated version of Deeks COD2 Taunt Mod, this version now includes the accurate English to German translations. For thos people who havent come across this before here is a brief outline of the mod:

This mod adds 7 new taunts to each countries voice menu.All Taunts are original Cod2 Voices. The only problem we found with this mod is that some of the german to english translations are not accurate. Still a nice addition for your game though.

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Call Of Duty 2 - Realistic, Multiplayer Taunt Mod v2.0

Credits for the German to English Taunt Translation go to ( Mulrich, the Cod2 Site Admin, and Credit also goes to -DNA-TetraPak also known as Nicolas, if your interested in his clan site, it can be found here: ) (Which I might add, is very well done)

*Thank you Both for the Translations, the 2.0 Version could NOT have been possible without the both of you!!

File Name:  zzz_Cod2_Taunts_v2.0.iwd
Author:  DeekCiti
File Size:  820kb
Version: 2.0
Programs Used:  Pakscape, Vegas Video 6.0
Audio Properties:  96 Kbps, 44,100 Hz, Mono, MPEG Layer-3

Client:  Copy/Paste (zzz_Cod2_Taunts_v2.0.iwd) to your  ...Call of Duty 2/main Folder.

Server:  Copy/Paste (zzz_Cod2_Taunts_v2.0.iwd) to your  ...fs_game Folder.

If your connecting to a server, this file will not work if the Server is set to Pure, unless the Server has this file installed as well as you!
Client and Server must have this file installed in order for it to work properly.
Unless Client is connecting to an Un-Pure Server.

Client:  Remove/Delete (zzz_Cod2_Taunts_v2.0.iwd) to your  ...Call of Duty 2/main Folder.

Server:  Remove/Delete (zzz_Cod2_Taunts_v2.0.iwd) to your  ...fs_game Folder.


This mod adds a new Quick Message Menu labled (Taunts).  
Each Country has 7 (Seven) new Taunts added to thier Voice Menus.
All Taunts are original Cod2 Voices.  I take no credit for these voices, only the re-rendering and some Cutting of them for this mod.
Because each Country has different Taunts and could not be categorized Separately, they had to be numbered 1-7 in the sub-menu.  All that really means is that it makes it much harder to memorized, what numbers, say what Taunts.

I realized that after I uploaded my 1.0 Version of this mod that there was another Taunt Mod using Similar Taunts from the Game, which was uploaded to this site long before mine.  This Taunt Mod IS similar, but there are Edited/Cut audio from the games original taunts included in this mod, that are NOT in the other mod, that I noticed.  There are also other voices and other taunts used here, that are not present in the other one.  Fritzie was cut out of the American Originals.

Here is a layout of the Taunts used in this Mod:

American Taunts:

Taunt One:  Let's go get the Bastards!
Taunt Two:  Hitler's a Jackass Punk!
Taunt Three:  What's the matter, not used to the enemy shootin' back?!
Taunt Four:  Kiss my ass, yah dirty Kraut Bastard!
Taunt Five:  Kiss my NY Ass!!
Taunt Six:  You think Hitler cares if you live?  He ain't give a rat's ass about you!
Taunt Seven:  I'll piss on you in Hell!!

British Taunts:

Taunt One:  You'll be pushin' up the daisies before this war is ovah!
Taunt Two:  Well come ahead yah Jerry Cowards, Square go, Cmon!
Taunt Three:  Die, yah Jerry Rotter!
Taunt Four:  Well so much for the master race!
Taunt Five:  Go and run yah Jerry Bastard!
Taunt Six:  Why don't yah put that in your pipe and smoke it!
Taunt Seven:  Yeah, I got a bloody wankah!

Russian Taunts:

Taunt One:  How does it feel to Die on the Russian Front?!
Taunt Two:  You poor Fascist Bastards come all the way just to Die!
Taunt Three:  That's one less Fascist to worry about!
Taunt Four:  That was for my father you Fascist son-of-a Bitch!
Taunt Five:  Haha!  That one's for my little sister, you Butchers!
Taunt Six:  He's Dead!!
Taunt Seven:  I got him!!

German Taunts:

Taunt One:  Was ist los, hast du die Hosen voll?! (What´s up?  You are afraid of something?) 
Taunt Two:  Früher oder später wirst du doch dran glauben! (Die!)
Taunt Three:  Stirb! Das macht es uns beiden leichter! (Die! That makes it easier for both of us!)
Taunt Four:  Geb auf! Wir wissen doch beide, dass du keine Chance hast. (Give up! Both of us know, that you have no chance.)
Taunt Five:  Weichei! Eure ganze Armee ist verweichlicht! (Pantywaist! Your whole Army is pampered!)
Taunt Six:  Wir werden euch überrollen! (We will roll over you!)
Taunt Seven:  Ihr kämpft ja wie die Weiber! (You're fighting like pussies!)

*Use this mod as an outline for Future Taunt Mods!

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2 years ago by david sanetti

Hello and thanks for this mod, Its possible to add another page with 7 extra taunts for each squad?


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