Delta Force Docks

Here's a new CoD2 map called "Delta Force Docks" by a new developer in the database known as darkdemon58. He says the map was based off the...


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Here's a new CoD2 map called "Delta Force Docks" by a new developer in the database known as darkdemon58. He says the map was based off the "Docks" map from the old Ghost Recon, and I could see how this would be an accurate representation of the old game. Why? Well, to be perfectly honest, the quality of this map isn't so great; it really lacks that graphical superiority CoD2 usually boasts in its maps. The good part is it's a relatively large map with compatibility in all the gametypes except Search and Destroy, as well as a handful of custom gametypes, so you should at least find something to do here! :P Just check it out in the screenshots below to see what you think of its design quality, and if you like what you see, give it a download. ;)


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Download '' (2.1MB)

Installation: Put mp_deltaforcedocks.iwd into your main folder.

About: If you are familiar with the older game of Ghost Recon, you will
 recognize this map. It is a remake of the map, Docks, from ghost 
recon. I wanted to bring a bit of that game to COD2. The map is maybe a TINY
 bit larger than the original in GR, but not much at all. This map is 
probably better if you have a minimum of around 10 people since its a 
medium size map. Not the most detailed map, but its not at all the 
worst. If you concentrate more on what your supposed to do, instead of
the graphics, you will be fine :P. While walking through the level, 
you will definetly get the feeling of the original level of docks. 
Have fun and play hard. 

This is basically a beta version of the map, so you may or may not find
little bugs or glitches. If you do happen to find any of those, please
contact me at the name below. Thanks

Supported Gametypes: Deathmatch, TeamDeathMatch, Capture The Flag, 
Headquarters. Will run Lastmanstanding, Lastteamstanding, hold the flag, 
In. Hold The Flag, since there are Deathmatch and Teamdeathmatch spawns.

Special Thanks To: Modsonline tutorials, StrYdeR With scripting, Veef
with scripting, WoodyB with opening doors tutorial, and Ghost Recon for
oringally even making this map. 

Without these guys, I honestly wouldn't have had much of a chance with
most of this or any of my other maps. Thanks a lot.

Questions, Comments, Suggestions?: If you have any questions, comments
or suggestions to help this map, please email me at the name below. All
mail will be read and replyed to. If i like your idea to add to the map
it will get worked on:) I appreciate any help to get my work to a 
higher level.

Aim- darkdemon5858	
Yahoo- darkdemon2013
Msn- darkdemon58atcomcastdotnet
Email- darkdemon58atcomcastdotnet

If you are commenting, or reporting a glitch, please use me e-mail, as
it is what i most frequently check. Thank you.

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