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Here's the latest version of Delta Force Docks by darkdemon58. The first release of this map wasn't incredible, but this new version adds...


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Here's the latest version of Delta Force Docks by darkdemon58. The first release of this map wasn't incredible, but this new version adds some nice features to be considered by any CoD2 gamer, not to mention the customary bug fixes, of course. ;) Probably the best part of this map, though, is simply the fact that it's available in all the gametypes, as well as a number of custom gametypes to boot. Just read the list of v2 changes below, see the ReadMe for more information, check out the screenies, and play this map with a few of your friends today!

  • Made the roofs of two main buildings accessible with slight cover added
  • Changed scripting to keep doors open until a player triggers them shut
  • Fixed a bug where you could see smoke, fire, and other objects through the ground
  • Loading screen is now working
  • Various tweaks and fixes


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Download '' (2.22MB)

Installation: Put mp_deltaforcedocks_v2.iwd into your main folder.

About: If you are familiar with the older game of Ghost Recon, you will
 recognize this map. It is a remake of the map, Docks, from ghost 
recon. I wanted to bring a bit of that game to COD2. The map is maybe a TINY
 bit larger than the original in GR, but not much at all. This map is 
probably better if you have a minimum of around 10 people since its a 
medium size map. Not the most detailed map, but its not at all the 
worst. If you concentrate more on what your supposed to do, instead of
the graphics, you will be fine :P. While walking through the level, 
you will definetly get the feeling of the original level of docks. 
Have fun and play hard. 

This is basically a beta version of the map, so you may or may not find
little bugs or glitches. If you do happen to find any of those, please
contact me at the name below. Thanks

***Thank you all who downloaded and tested my first version of the map***

-Made two main buildings roofs accessable, with slight cover added.
-Changed scripting to keep doors open until player triggers them shut.
-Fixed a bug where you could see smoke, fire, and other objects through the ground. 
-Loading screen is now working.
-A couple other little tweaks that i can't remember at the moment. But were probably just
little things

Coming in next update: For the next update to this map, I am looking for it to be the 
final one. It will up updated prefabs to replace the big blobs of boxes that are just sitting 
there for your cover. May update the looks of the brushes in the buildings to fit the call of
duty expectations. But most likely only if it is suggested to me. If i find any other bugs that
were left unfixed in this version, they will definitly be fixed by the final one. So send in 
your suggestions asap if you have them. ***If I can find a way to make it work, will think
about adding S&D as the final gametype. But also, will want that suggested before I think about
adding it. Just to see if the public would think that would be worth the time.***

Supported Gametypes: Deathmatch, TeamDeathMatch, Capture The Flag, 
Headquarters. Will run Lastmanstanding, Lastteamstanding, hold the flag, 
In. Hold The Flag, since there are Deathmatch and Teamdeathmatch spawns.

Special Thanks To: Modsonline tutorials, StrYdeR With scripting, Veef
with scripting, WoodyB with opening doors tutorial, and Ghost Recon for
oringally even making this map. 

Without these guys, I honestly wouldn't have had much of a chance with
most of this or any of my other maps. Thanks a lot.

Questions, Comments, Suggestions?: If you have any questions, comments
or suggestions to help this map, please email me at the name below. All
mail will be read and replyed to. If i like your idea to add to the map
it will get worked on:) I appreciate any help to get my work to a 
higher level.

Thanks for the friendly comments and suggestions so far. Keep em coming, so i can put them in my
next update to this map.

Aim- darkdemon5858	
Yahoo- darkdemon2013
Msn- darkdemon58atcomcastdotnet
Email- darkdemon58atcomcastdotnet

If you are commenting, or reporting a glitch, please use me e-mail, as
it is what i most frequently check. Thank you.

A look into my next project: I have already started on my next map. It is based on
"Operation Overlord." Yes, this was a fairly long operation, but is based off of a smaller city
that was part of the operation. It will have more detail and should meet the quality most 
players have for maps. I have the ocean set, beach set, the main ground level set. Have made 
about 5 houses now, which 3 are accessable. I estimate this project will take about one more 
month. That is depended on how much free time i am able to put into it. Could be longer and could
be shorter.

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