Deux Villes, France

Click here to download a video featuring this map.

And here's that sweet new CoD2 multi-player map by...


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Click here to download a video featuring this map.

And here's that sweet new CoD2 multi-player map by RaRaAvIs for BFE: CoD2 I was talking about. :) Besides a huge, varied, high-quality layout and terrain work, the map has got all kinds of crazy interactivities like destructable walls and a church tower that explodes, along with live, deadly mortar rounds and doors you can blow open. Best of all, though, the map will cater to every player's desire by including areas for longer-range battle and more close-quarters options, too, as well as boasting compatibility with all the CoD2 gametypes. Just check out the screenshots below for a good look at some of the map's finer points (or see this video for a more comprehensive walk-through), and download RaRaAvIs's awesome new map now! :thumbsup:


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Map Title                : Deux Villes, France (bfe_deux_villes)
Map Version              : Final
Author                   : RaRaAvIs
E-mail                   :
Website                  : Clan Website-
website                  : Offical Call Of Duty 2 Tournament-
Video Link               :


Game                     : Call of Duty 2

Supported Gametype       : Deathmatch (dm) 
                         : Head Quarters (hq)
                         : Team Deathmatch (tdm)
                         : Capture the Flag (ctf)
                         : Search and Destroy (sd)

Teams                    : British vs. German. Allies Attack in Search and Destroy

Map Size                 : 18+ : Very Large


Special Fetures          : Destroyable walls
                           Destroyable chruch tower
                           Abiment Mortar effects (yes they will injure you)
                           Custom textures
                           Destroyable doors

Installation Instructions:

     install to your - C:\\program files\Activision\Call of
     Duty 2\main


Construction Time        : 3 months on and off 

Known Bugs               : There is a few FPS blackspots, howeever with lots of portalling it doesn't seem to sort it.


Special Thanks           : [RFW] Sparks
                           All the people at Battle For Europe who helped with Beta Testing  
                           Everyone at


* Warning - Must Read and Understand Before Use* 

The author of this file accepts no responsibility for damage to data, or physical damage 
to hardware, caused by the appropriate or inappropriate use of this file. It is deemed 
that users who run this file, automatically are considered as having read and understood 
this liability cause before using the file. Do Not breach the copyright law, which includes any means of 
de-compiling and/or use of scripts and files without permission. The file is clear of all ad/spyware and viruses 
and has been confirmed with AVG, McAfee security suite and Norton anti-virus software before uploading to source! 


Additional Notes         :
Basically this map is 2 town/villages. The Allied town has mostly damaged buildings, and has about 8 buildings. The German town has about 30 buildings, and some light damage to roads and to the odd building.
The map in some areas has destroyable walls and doors, but you'll have to find them. Also i should point out the mortar effects will injure you, they wont quite kill you, so beware of where the craters are, you might have a shell falling on your head if your not careful.

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