Devil's BP CoD2 Tournament Trailer



As you may recall, a video trailer for the Breaking Point CoD2 Tournament has already been released here on CoDFiles, but this is an entirely new one with some more cool frags, special effects, and music. ;) Plus, this one is less than a fourth the size of the other. :P Anyway, check out the screenshots below to see some scenes from the video, and watch it today! :D



Description: ={W}=DEVIL's newest promo video for the Breaking Point Tournament. The tournament is open to all CoD2 players, and is built around 
                  community interaction. It doesn't matter if you're the Commander in Chief or a lowly Shutze. All players have a say in how the tournament
                  is run. The video features effects created in Adobe After Effects, compositing/editing in Avid Xpress Pro, and a machinima section mimicking the SVP style.

Installation/Use: Double click the file. If this fails, shoot yourself and clean the gene pool.

Legal: You can feel free to use this video in any way that you wish, so long as you do not edit any section of it, add to it, or take credit away from me, 
          the owner, ={W}=DEVIL. EXCEPTION: The use of any section of this video in any work related to a non-Breaking Point gamign tournament
          without explicit permission from ={W}=DEVIL ([email protected]) is strictly prohibited. I made this video for the BP tourney, and I dont 
          want it used for any other tournaments

Contact:  email ([email protected]), MSN ([email protected]), AIM (C47Man3)

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