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Here's the next version of Miguel Nunes' excellent CoD2 server statistics viewer with all the bugs fixed from the previous version, v3.0! I...


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Here's the next version of Miguel Nunes' excellent CoD2 server statistics viewer with all the bugs fixed from the previous version, v3.0! If you liked the earlier ones, then you'll definitely want to upgrade to this one for further stability and reliability. ;) Check out the screenshots to see more. :)

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Download 'dreamstats31_miguel.zip' (622KB)

DreamStats System v3.1
by Miguel Nunes
for Call of Duty 2 only


This is a Call of Duty 2 only version of DreamStats. If you want it for CoD and CoDUO visit dreamstats website (found in the bottom of this readme) and find it on downloads.



The next generation of DreamStats!!

DreamStats is a powerfull and fully configurable php/mysql based Server Statistic viewer to integrate in any website, for Call of Duty 2 only. You only need PHP 4 or better, Apache 1, 2 or IIS (Can get some errors in server offline page), MySQL 4 or better and it works on windows and linux.
DreamStats will not show total kills by gametype or weapon or map, will not show user ranks... DreamStats is a stat viewer like The All-Seeint-Eye but in PHP and only shows a server you will choose =)
One of the highlighted features in this new version is the new admin panel, 'install.php', it makes it a lot easyer for you and fully configurable. Also comes with a complete manual.

I already made the map pics for default maps and some custom maps, if you want to make more, then take a screenshot of the map, name it with the real map name example: mp_carentan, and then put in mapimages folder, and carefull with the size of it... (Tip: to the real map name, the name you use in console to change to that map...).

This new version also comes with a skin/language selector engine, you can make skins/languages for it. Skinning manual in documentation. Please visit dreamstats to see additional skins and languages. www.mnprojects.com/dreamstats

Features (new from version 2.0):

- Now uses mysql database
- New admin panel style
- Displays number of players in server and slots
- Updated language
- Fixed admin login bug

- Admin: Display any error found in main page and solution
- Admin: Display SQL and PHP version
- Admin: Display dreamstats version
- Admin: Change Server IP any time in Server IP page
- Admin: Change page title and meta
- Admin: Turn site Online/Offline in ds
- Admin: Change admin account password
- Admin: Change language and skin
- Admin: Check if all files are present and everything's secure
- Admin: Complete web based manual included

- HTML/Skins: Modified skin strings and tables
- HTML/Skins: Separated meta, java and ds copyright (they are now in separated php files)
- HTML/Skins: Images are now in skin folder
- HTML/Skins: Changed skins folder to root ds folder

 - Included skins:
      - + DreamStats
      - + SimpleSkin

more skins avaliable at dreamstats website.


Tested browsers: Internet Explorer 6 and 7Beta, FireFox 1.0.6 and 1.0.7

PHP 4 or better is required and MySQL 4 or better.

Apache 1 or better
or IIS...

Windows or Linux, never tested on mac.


Installation instructions can be found in installation.txt file.



Thank you!

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