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Miguel Nunes has brought us another update to his DreamStats System, fixing more bugs and adding more convenient features to it yet again! :D This is the last update for v4.x, too, so be prepared for a massively revised DreamStats System v5 sometime in the future. :) Meanwhile, if you used previous versions for your server, you should update to this one as soon as possible because, as I said, there are more fixes to bugs left in v4.1. Note that, in order to update to v4.2, you must have v4.1 first -- no other DreamStats version will work in the updating process!

  • Fixed bug: 'echo' text appeared in log mode
  • Notification for new versions of DreamStats in the Admin panel
  • Modified Admin navigation menu before red text box
  • Added a menu link in Admin navigation menu to game colors configuration
  • Added a new category to admin: "Security"


Dreamstats v4.2 w/DSLang Editor 1.0
for Call of Duty 2 Only
by Miguel Nunes

<====================== | DESCRIPTION | ======================>

• DreamStats is a powerfull and fully configurable php based Server Statistic viewer to integrate in any website for Call of Duty, Call of Duty United Offensive or Call of Duty 2, Call of Duty 2 in this case.
You need PHP 4 or better, MySQL 4 or better and it works on windows and linux.
DreamStats will not show total kills by gametype or weapon or map, will not show user ranks, DreamStats is a stat viewer like The All-Seeing-Eye that shows a server with the player names, scores and pings in the server but in php and only shows a server you will choose.
DreamStats was made for public and private servers to people that visit your websites may see what's going on in your server or even know more about the server and join!
I have also used it with a private server to know how my cod2 clan was going on a war against another clan, it's better to be refreshing a website then refreshing eye.

<======================= | WHATS NEW | =======================>

Well from 3.1, there is a lot to tell... Just look at the admin panel, a lot different from the others.
Also, do you remember you couldn't save your server ip? damn, that was bad but now it wont happent again i hope.
It was tested by Fjoe in hes server (he had the same problem with older versions) and now it works! the installation and admin.
Dreamstats is now showing number of players in servers and slots (sv_maxclients - sv_privateClients).
Language files update, skins updated, all known bugs fixed, default styles updated (popup copyright, server offline...).
From 4.0 i have fixed the following bugs: admin panel design missing border, missing ID field and url to dreamstats website.
I have added a small text box in the server ip page in admin to save your notes. You may now change game colors if they don't fit in your skin.

From 4.1
• Fixed bug: Appearing 'echo' text in log mode.
• You are now allowed to view if there is a newer version from your admin panel.
• Modified Admin navigation menu before text red box.
• Added a menu link in admin navigation menu to game colors configuration.
• Added a new category to admin, Security.

<====================== | INSTALLATION | =====================>

• In this version, installation was simplified in 5 simple steps:

1. Download, open first zip file, open DreamStats.zip and extract to a temp folder.
2. Rename upload folder to something related to stats, dreamstats for example.
4. Upload to your server.
5. Run install/index.php with an explorer, http://www.website.com/install/index.php

<==================== | UPGRADE FROM 4.1 | ===================>

• It is only possible to upgrade from 4.1 in this version.

1. Download, open first zip file, open DreamStats.zip and extract to a temp folder.
2. Rename upload folder to the same name of the ds folder already in your server.
3. Open the folder in temp folder, delete config.php and install folder.
4. Upload the dreamstast folder in temp folder to the server overrighting original folder and files.

<======================== | INCLUDES | =======================>

• Included Languages:
   - English

• Included Skins:
   - DreamStats -> Default
   - DarkSkin -> Fixed

This version includes a small application for windows that allows you to create languages for dreamstats easily.
I called it DSLang Editor 1.0. It may be found in 'includes' folder. It was only tested on Windows XP SP2!

** I am not responsible for any error caused to your PC for this program! **

<======================== | SUPPORT | ========================>

Support for dreamstats php web based script will be given only in the forum!

For knowledgebase and FAQ, search in the website (find link in the bottom of this readme).


<======================== | CREDITS | ========================>

First of all, thanks to Fjoe for testing this version of dreamstats!
He made me happy when he told this was an aweasome version of ds and a lot of bugs were fixed.


Please read DS license before download, install or use: http://www.mnprojects.com/dreamstats/license.php

DreamStats v4.2 Created by Miguel Nunes
DreamStats © 2004 - 2005 mnProjects


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