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Feel like playing something new on single player? I know I do, and East Yorks 2 is just what I need to feed my appetite. With a fresh new adventure, plenty of tasty close quarter battles, and spicy hot action, you know you can't go wrong with this delicious treat. Go ahead and look through the screen shots below and try out this awesome map today!





By Yorkshire Rifles

A Single Player Map for Call of Duty2



Unzip the file and place the eastyorks2.IWD file in you 
Call of Duty 2/Main 
folder with all the other IWD files.

You may wish to remove other mods from your directory to prevent cross-interference
You do not need anything special on a shortcut eg g_connectpaths or anything and it should even work in developer mode without any intrusions.

Startup COD2, 
make sure you have console enabled in your options, 
hit the tilde key - the one below ESC and above TAB
map eastyorks2
and it should load up.




You may find some lighting issues/bugs the original COD2 doesn't always display perfectly on my PC so it was kinda hard to tweak a few of the lighting issues - such as black or overly shadowed models

Apart from that and some dodgy lip-sync I think it's fine.

If it runs slow on your PC lower the graphic settings.

Built on my brand spanking new
2.4 Dual Core
2 Gigs RAM
7900GS 256mb Video
Vista 32

build time was around 3 months

When I released my last CODUO Single Player campaign I said that I was not going to make anymore COD mods.
Obviously I have - but this really is the last. This came about because of my new PC - old one could not handle COD2 -
and I needed a refresher of COD Game Script Code for something which did not come off in the end. But I had kinda started .... so I finished.

Eastyorks2 was originally me just tinkering and refreshing my knowledge of GSC - but in the end I turned it into a finished level.



If you want to know how to map and mod for COD - CODUO - COD2 I suggest looking through the forums at
and www.iwnation.com

Remember to use the SEARCH function - all your questions can be answered with it - no need to spam the forums.


This file is released for distribution on the understanding that it is FREE
and that it's original form may not be altered for further release.
NO charging money for it.
NO altering it.
NO swiping any parts of it including artwork, for any purpose.
All rights reserved.



email: eastyorksrifles (at) yahoo.co.uk

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