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Here's an "Easy Tool" (nice name :P ) for Call of Duty players wishing to simplify the mod management of their Main folders. The author of this program is -=-SnuRF-=-, a new guy in our database, and he's also included a special bind tool in the program in addition to the main focus as described above. Have a look at the screenshots to get a good idea of how it all works, and if it looks like something you'd use, download this Easy Tool now! :)




    Call of Duty2: Easy Tool v1.0

1.) This tool is very useful to clean and restore Mod Files..
Have you got .iwd mismatch errors?? Clean the Directory from "bad" files by one click!!
You want these files back (without redownloading a lot of mb)?? By one click you can restore them and enjoy the game

2.) Also, the tool can binds keywords..(soon in v1.1 quickmesages voices available)
You can load config_mp files of any profile that you have and by one click make binds!!

There are 3 photos to explain how useful and easy is this program..

Enjoy it my friends..:)   (soon I will have ready v1.1)


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