NOTE: The following file is required to play this map: {N.E.R.D} Star Wars Themed Models

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NOTE: The following file is required to play this map: {N.E.R.D} Star Wars Themed Models

Here's the first of a number of incredible new CoD2 multi-player maps coming from two members of the {N.E.R.D} clan, ob1 and Cannon Fodder. If you didn't gather from the name, this one is based on Endor (the Ewok home planet) from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. The map features a vast amount of custom content and interactivities that, in and of themselves, make this thing a work of art. You can play it in DM, TDM, SD, and CTF, though, so after you're done marveling at all the cool little gadgets and gizmos, you can duke it out with your buddies however you like. ;) Just remember to get the required model pack as listed above, check out the screenshots, and download Endor today! :thumbsup:


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Download 'nerd_mp_endor.zip' (30.62MB)

Enjoy another Starwars themed map from the {N.E.R.D}s!

Map Name: mp_endor

File name as distributed: zc.iwd

File size: 32MB
Required file: nerd_model_pak1.zip (contains star wars models for Endor and Hoth maps)

Map theme:
  From the third movie in the Series "Return of the Jedi"
  This map is based upon the planet Endor where the ewoks live.
  Medium size map for close combat servers.
  Recommended for 8 - 48 players.
  Custom Starwars themed models.
  Moving tram, elevators, automatic doors, awesome starwars models ATAT 2 and 4 legged walkers.
  Includes Shuttle and platform models underground tunnels and two forest areas for playing.
  Supports tdm, dm, sd, ctf
  Two files are required for this map:
  The Map: zc.iwd which contains the map.
  The Models: m1.iwd which contain the starwars models for Endor and Hoth. The file is m1.iwd in 
  nerd_model_pak1.zip (seperate download)  

Brought to you by:

{N.E.R.D}ob1 email: ob1@codnerds.com 

Scripting and Sounds: 
{N.E.R.D}Cannon Fodder email: cfodder@codnerds.com

If you have any questions email us or visit our website: www.codnerds.com

Visit our servers(as of 10/14/2007):


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