EST Panzer Plant W2



Here's yet another sweet new snipers-only map with an incredibly high level of detail and, of course, relatively large map dimensions. This one is called Panzer Plant and comes from the developer known as {EST}45King and the Elite Snipe Team clan. The map itself is Russian vs. German and supports around 40 players in Team Deathmatch, and as I said, it's got a huge layout that should be great for play on larger servers. The atmosphere is really nice, too, and goes well with the whole mix. Even if you were to play this normally -- that is, not snipers only -- you would definitely get an intense game in between the two bases at either end. Check out the screenshots below to see what I'm talking about, and download this excellent new map today! ;)



Map Title                : EST_PanzerPlantW2
Map Version              : 1.1
Author                   : {EST}45King aka Steve
E-mail                   : [email protected]
Website                  : http://www.elitesnipeteam.com


Game                     : Call of Duty 2

Supported Gametype       : Team Deathmatch (Sniper only)

Map Size                 : 40+ : Large Map


Installation Instructions:

     Extract the contents of this zip to your MAIN Call Of Duty
     Folder (example: C:\Program Files\Call Of Duty 2\Main)


Special Thanks           : To {EST} M95

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