WARNING: The following mod contains extreme amounts of blood and gore and is not recommended for players under 18 years of age.



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WARNING: The following mod contains extreme amounts of blood and gore and is not recommended for players under 18 years of age.

Astoroth has released this final version of eXtreme+ 1.3. With many new add-ons, I'm sure gamers and server admins will love this one with its cooler effects and much much more. Download this today, and add it to your server now!

Enjoy :)

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Download 'extremeplus1_3_final.zip' (338KB)

eXtreme+ 1.3 release notes

Mod Features

* Message of the day system, incorporated in to a server information screen which shows other relevant information about your game and mod settings, this displayed when a player joins your server and accessible at any time from the in game menus

* Fall Damage Modifier

* Clan manage system, managed voting, general greeting + custom welcome messages for up to 4 clans

* Welcome message system, incorporating general greeting, call vote status and custom welcome messages

* Custom map rotations, random or player based (3 size settings)

* End of game map voting system

* Laser dot aiming HUD display

* Spectator & Death music

* Custom announcements, good luck message on spawn, first blood announcement on team based game types and time announcer

* Score hud display, displayed towards end of game

* Custom obituary, killing spree, weapon spree, noob streak and death on screen messages

* Server message system, can display up to 10 custom messages, next map and or game type plus your complete map rotation.

* Team Kill system (SINBIN), can monitor team based games for team killers, you set the limits and the mod will randomly either freeze them to the spot without a weapon or lift them in to the sky and drop them like a stone

* Movie mode, lets you play the game in letterbox, some like, some hate, you decide!

* COD2 health regen system, or COD health bar with the ability to drop health packs on death

* Anti-Camper system, marks campers on the compass.

* Forced client side dvar control, allow you to force:- data rate, mantle hint (on/off), crosshair (on/off), crosshair names (on/off), enemy crosshair (on/off), hud stance (on/off), bright model (on/off), red dot fade quick (on/off)

* Stats board, at the end of game you can choose to see players stats, covers all death types, high score and kill ratio

* Realism options, drop weapon on hand or arm hit (trip does not work yet!)

* Choose which weapons are allowed

* Grenade Override system, allow you to override the stock levels given by weapon class, or set a fixed amount and even a random amount each spawn.

* Weapon Override, this feature allows you to set which weapons are available on a particular map, game type or even both. You can choose from snipers, rifles, machine guns, shotgun or pistol only play. Shotgun only rocks!, you can also choose whether to allow frag and/or smoke grenades in these modes

* Weapon damage modifiers, you can set using % of their original damage, the damage caused by weapons. You can go above or below, so you want more powerful grenades, set it to 150, to get 50% more, if you want less damages, set it to 75 to get 75% of the damage

* Grenade indicators, death icons, hit blip and objective indicators can be enabled or disabled

* Two new game types added from the old days, hold the flag and last team standing

* Mortar strikes, can be set to safe or deadly!

Mod Features continued,

* Planes can be set to safe, safe with bombs and also deadly!

* Anti - Aircraft system, can have flak effects in the sky, can be set with the planes..

* Ambient tracers, tracer fire spawned off play area on maps.

* Secondary weapons, you can now choose an additional weapon, and set it to have the pistol too! You can choose to allow enemy weapons as secondary choice

* Enemy weapon monitor, you can set this to stop players using enemy weapons in a map, or set it to allow only if there previous weapon ammo is low

* First aid / Medic system, you can now heal yourself and team mates

* Forced Auto Assign

* Unknown soldier handling, the mod takes care of lazy players who don't change their name :)

* Name checker, runs in the background and monitors players names, if it finds a duplicate it renames the later joining player to Unknown Soldier, then (if enabled) the Unknown Soldier handling routine takes care of them

* Sprinting (ported and modified Bell's sprint routine)

* Spawn Protection system

* Pophead & Pophelmet

* Allied & Axis LiveStats!, in game number of live and dead allies

* Pain & Death sounds


If you have a previous version of eXtreme+, move or delete them from your mod folder, if you wish to continue using the audio files, you can leave them!, the mod will however run without them, but for the moment you will loose the spectator music and all custom played sounds.

Create a folder in your Call of Duty root folder, i.e. C:\Program Files\Call of Duty 2\. Name it whatever you like (but keep it neat!), I have used xtreme as the folder name, but I suggest you use something like your clan or server name, so that there aren't a million other people with the same name which can cause a headache for the clients side! Unpack the contents of the ZIP file to that folder.

Once, unpacked, associate the configuration files (.cfg's) with notepad or if your fancy something like 'Ultra Edit' and associate the iwd's with 'Winrar'. Open ALL the configuration files and set things the way you want them, the settings that are in there at the moment are to my liking and work quite well but it's your choice not mine. Please spend A LOT of time doing this so you get it all nice!

Open up the file called custom.iwd (using Winrar) and in there you two folders, go in to the one called exclanlogo and you will find gsc file that holds the server name, associate the gsc with notepad or the like and edit the name in between "" quotes ONLY!, save the file and then your clans name will appear bottom right.

Within custom.iwd go in to the other folder called localizedstrings, and associate the str file with you text editor (do not use EXCEL!), inside this file is where you set your custom text to appear on screen in the game, follow the instructions carefully and DO NOT ALTER the structure of the file, just the text between the quotes (you must leave the quotes)

Once you're happy that it all, make a shortcut to your COD2 MP exe, place it somewhere you can find it easily and right click on it and select properties. In the section called target, edit the line to read

"C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 2" +set fs_game myextreme+exec server.cfg

Your path and folder name (myextreme) may be different but it's the +set etc.... that is important,

Double click the shortcut and you should be up and running!

Linux users
If you're using Linux or FreeBSD then you most likely already know more than me about setting your server up. But essentially the same instructions apply but the path names, shortcuts and execution methods will differ. I am sorry, I am a Windows user and can't offer much more help with Linux!

Remove all the IWD files apart from your custom.iwd, this has not changed in 1.3. Also you can keep the music/sound files if you use them. Remember to go through the new server.cfg carefully making your selections
On how YOU want the mod to run.

Bug reports
Please report any bugs in the COD2 mod forums at www.gom.me.uk


Addition credits to:, Wizzard 220, Bell, Mattius and those I forgot :)

Many thanks to:- Cyruz, Adogg, Dave White, Marc and Mike Nomad for helping during testing of 1.3....

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