eXtreme Thompson Mod

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Monosgeri has got another new CoD2 weapons mod for us, this one a little less drastic than the first. However, if I'm understanding this correctly, it still has quite an effect on gameplay because it forces everyone to use the Thompson. Sort of a weird concept, but at least he's included a fairly good new skin and a convenient 30-round clip for starters. :) Just check out the screenshots below for a look at the nice new skin, and if you think you can handle a server full of Tommy gunners, download the mod now! :P




eXtreme Thompson Mod

	- All team has one weapon: Thompson
	- New Thompson skin
	- 2 Grenade and 1 Smoke
	- 30 Clip
	- Reload reform (You can reload when the clip is empty)

	- Put in your main or fs_game folder and restart the server.

E-Mail: [email protected]

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